Sparks sparked Taco Bell blaze

news-tacobell_fire_streamsA few stray sparks caused by some renovation work caused $1 million in damages to the Route 29 Taco Bell restaurant

The County Fire Marshal’s Office has determined what caused the fire at the Route 29 Taco Bell restaurant on Saturday, December 4. The fire was accidental, officials says, and was caused by sparks from work being done by a contractor on the exterior of the building which ignited materials inside the building wall.


$1 million in damages. Really? Were they about to introduce a new line of gold foil-wrapped burritos?

Wait, didnt the other taco bell on pantops catch fire a couple years ago? Are they owned by the same people? Hhhm, insurance fraud.....

Happens everytime I consume TACO HELL "food"...........