Photos of Jeff Tweedy at the Paramount

tweedy_td_3Tweedy at the Paramount.


He played on the 30th anniversary of John Lennon's death and appropriately performed Lennon's "God" as the final song of the evening.
Tweedy at the Paramount. 

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@JoMomma. No straw polls were necessary, though hearing applause and looking around at smiling faces was enough convincing for me. And no, I'm obviously not someone new to the scene. I don't read Rolling Stone because it's shite, and have been listening to Wilco, in all of its variations, since Tupelo up through Ghost, when I did tune out for a few albums. I've seen Wilco more than 10 times and just happened to appreciate having a few of them playing, anemic or not. Also, poorly composed rhetorical questions don't really illustrate your points any further, they just show you're a poor writer. Keep up the good (guess) work.


should have ended it with "Dreamer in My Dreams" no PA and he rocked with his Jumbo Gibson

rather than stop there, he instead brought out the most boring band in the nation to back him up--the autumn defense and they played "California Stars" which normally is a great song, the Defense somehow managed to make it lame...and don't get me going on the Lennon song

Interesting to hear him sing, "Don't believe in Zimmerman." Maybe even more interesting or poignant than hearing Lennon sing that.

@ JoMomma. Haters can stay home. Most of us were actually stoked to see half of Wilco on stage. And we won't get you started on Lennon, because we don't care.

@the dreamer... "most of us" really? did you take a straw poll? Or are you just that arrogant/out of touch to think that your opinion is the popular one...Sorry you can't see things objectively, you're obviously one of the "fans" that just latched on when Rolling Stone told you to do so (when YHF was released) To further illustrate my point about the "Innocuous Defense" I have a question for you What solo acoustic performer would invite a full band to open up for him/her UNLESS they knew just how anemic they were going to be? Tweedy with harmonica and classical guitar had a fuller sound, the AD=the sound of paint drying