Obamarama? Tom Perriello eyed for Administration post

photophile-obamaperrielloThe president tried to save Perriello's old job with a Charlottesville rally on Friday, October 29.

Nothing's official yet, and the president has even delayed his announcement to the new year, but a report by the influential Politico news service suggests that outgoing Fifth District Congressman Tom Perriello could be in line for job with the Obama Administration.

"The administration is looking for fresh blood and is super-grateful to Congressman Perriello," says Politico's Mike Allen. "So I can see him getting a great offer if he decides to serve in the federal government."

Charlottesville-based pundit Larry Sabato notes the midterm elections created quite a swarm of ousted Democrats. Of the two outgoing governors that Politico depicted along with Perriello to illustrate its story–- Ohio's Ted Strickland and Michigan's Jennifer Granholm (the latter turned out not by voters but by term limits)–- Sabato contends that each would get precedence over Perriello as Barack Obama prepares to hire.

"I'm sure Perriello's on the list," says Sabato, "but there's a long list."

Perriello is a native of the Albemarle County community of Ivy, and his ascent to Congress two years ago included knocking off Virgil Goode, a veteran conservative in a conservative district, a point not lost on national strategists who poured millions into television ads during the most recent election.

Although Republican Robert Hurt of Chatham won the November election, Perriello's high profile and experience in non-profit fund-raising have conspired to make him a hot commodity–- and not just for the White House. A source says Perriello is fielding myriad private sector inquiries as well.

"What would make the most sense for him probably would be something in the State Department because of his background," says Sabato, "He worked in Africa, and he's done non-governmental organization work."

"He hasn't made any decisions yet," says Perriello's deputy press secretary Michael Kelly. "There's plenty of work left to do in this Congress, and that's what he's focused on."

Sabato, who heads UVA's Center for Politics, says that the 36-year-old Perriello has hinted in interviews that he might consider trying to claim his seat in Congress. However, an impending redistricting by Republicans might make that a daunting challenge.

"Any sane person who's not addicted to the roar of the crowd might well do something else," says Sabato. "It's a tough business."


What bunch of selfish crybabies RightWingers are. Scream about social responsibility but never take a responsible position. 9/11 responders need more than yellow magnets on your car!

These folks responded to a real crisis with real help. You respond with ephemeral opportunism!

Pay-up or shut-up stupid! Selfishness is not a philosophy. In adults, it's a disease!

Right whingers clog up these comments until somebody calls em on their unpatriotic bs. Then you don't hear frm em. Selfish and full of it.

What a bunch crybabies RightWiners are. They scream about responsibility but avoid taking a responsible position.9/11 responders, like vets, need more help than than yellow magnets on your car.

These folks responded to a real crisis with real help. The Right responds with empheral opportunism.

Pay-up or shut-up stupid! Selfishness is a phase of childhood, in adults it is disease!

How about this crass view?

First responders chose their profession, the members of the military chose their profession, garbagemen chose their profession, etc........

Should they not respond and do their chosen job when asked to do their chosen job?

I thought these guys were a part of a cadillac health plan through a union that cared about their members?

Tom Perriello is awesome. Well done.

re bailout;

During his recent booktour, George Bush JR was asked the following question by Matt Lauer; " Are you aware that over 40% of Americans believe President Obama is responsible for the bailouts?". George Jr grinned & replied "that 40% of Americans would be wrong". He went on to describe how he, his administration & Blinky Paulson felt a bailout was the only alternative to a depression.

Straight from the, erm.. horses mouth..and there's a filmed record of it for posterity. At least HE is honest about it.

He lost. Get over it hippies.

tom is not "awesome" Maybe he could see about getting a real job (never had one)and work for a paycheck. He is not that kind of guy, just a 36 year kid who thinks he knows something.

Yes they are "super grateful" as this kid was put in with John Podesta getting him outside money in 08, Tom followed his script and now he is being paid for his dedication to the cause. We are very lucky to have witnessed his ascendency and are grateful that he was willing to use us in his quest and to advance the "cause." Too good to be true as Tom arrives at the Titanic and is told to enjoy the cruise on the Potomac.
Sad but between the Obama types with tom, and Bush types the Ivy League is a total joke. People that are brainwashed and believe that theory triumps over reality.

It's a lock. Tom will be named Platitudes Czar and will continue to mouth what we want to hear while doing the opposite until this administration is booted from our National Nightmare. But maybe I'm too harsh - after all, the c-villians all think he's "awesome". Why not dreamy, too?

realist Get off the pipe will ya . try watching something else besides the faux news network for you information

I hate Tom Periello because he voted for the bailout. I don't need any more reason than that. I don't need to look any further than that.

VACracker- you are correct.....President Bush is not only at "least honest"- he has been incredibly honest about his entire time as a public official. He gets it, understands America and unfortunately was succeeded by an amatuer, who can't make an informed decision, but does have nice teeth and a severe case of arrogance.

Nearby- you are also correct.....TP is awesome. Others are making the same comment, since he is now gone.....

TP ia a politician. I think they all are like the old freak shows. They don't care how they are noticed, just as long as they're noticed. The only politician I respected was Ronald Reagan.

Harry D, do you type these comments with one hand?
Thanks for sharing?

"just askin'"- no one finger.............this one.

"StillAfan1"- I am a vet, a conservative- no magnets, no flag pin needed. When did you serve your Country?

"Proud American"- try me.........

As sure as I knew he would lose after his healthcare vote, I knew Obama would take care of his boy. He'll make room for Tommy, you wait.

Why not draft Maurice Jones? He can do anything!

Good riddance to Tommy Boy. Dear Leader can give him a job as payback for going against the wishes of his constituents in voting for the monstrosity known as ObamaCare. That job will last until Jan 20, 2013, when we finish off the Socialist Revolution.

I hope he takes a job in government. We need dedicated, principled public servants like Tom. I am grateful for the work (and votes!) he did as my Congressman, and I hope he can continue doing good on our behalf.

Tom is awesome.

When are they going to start wearing their red arm bands in public?

You've got to learn the secret handshake first.

Nice socialist/Nazi images there guys. Just curious, can you elaborate on the difference between fascist, socialist, and Nazi? I doubt it, but maybe you Tea Baggers have more brains that I'm giving you credit for.

"Realist" @#3, yeah he went against the will of the people by voting for the thing that the presidential candidate that we voted for promised when he was running. That's really logical. Run for office, promise X, get elected, vote for X, and then we say, "Hey! We never wanted X!" You should consider changing your screen-name to "still bitter Palin supporter" instead of the entirely inaccurate "realist".

Seems very doubtful but at least they aren't witches!

What a joke he was voted out because of being a socialist punk.
I thought you had to cheat on your taxes to get a job with obama

"The administration is looking for fresh blood..."

Perriello is as far from fresh blood as one could find. He is entirely old school Democratic Party hogwash. The party is completely out of touch with reality.

At this point, I wouldn't WANT to be associated with Obama (too busy to address the nation, gotta get to that Christmas Party, you're in good hands with Clinton (provided Monica isn't hanging in the crowd))....Tom would be better off hanging out somewhere else for a term or two and try again later.

Tom Periello is awesome. Silly Virginia got mad at him because he actually supported and voted for the same issues he defended in his campaign platform! Imagine that! Good for him for sticking to his guns and shame on the 5th district for voting in another ignorant good ol' boy.

Why is Soetoro always sweatin like a flakehead everywhere he goes?

jeezlouise He didn't loose he got out spent big business bought most house seats in this one. Italy 1939 look it up

gman the all you righties must be fascist pigs right?

....are you serious, Carter? Here's a nice blurb, since you seem to not realize anything about the career Tom Perriello had before going into politics.

"From 2002-03, Perriello was Special Advisor to the international prosecutor of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, where he worked with child soldiers, amputees, and local pro-democracy groups, and helped to prosecute warlords. He later became the Court's Spokesman and helped to indict Liberian dictator Charles Taylor, peacefully forcing him from power. He has worked as a consultant to the International Center for Transitional Justice in Kosovo (2003), Darfur (2005), and Afghanistan (2007) where he worked on justice-based security strategies."

In other words, he's lived overseas for years on the job, and handled work of an extremely emotionally, physically, and mentally stressful nature. So what if he hasn't in recent years held down a regular minimum wage or 9 - 5 job, that doesn't mean he hasn't worked. Until you've devoted years of your life to a major cause, and been away from home and family for your career....I suggest you stop throwing stones.

I am so truly embarrassed to call myself a Charlottesvillian. The way my fellow brainless citizens have treated Tom is horrible. How many of you would walk repeatedly into a room filled with signs announcing how much you were hated? Anyone? You are a bunch of gutless, spineless cowards who don't have any clue what a good person looks like. My support of Tom will never change. Period.

It's obvious that anybody who still supports Tom Periello after the bailout is someone who will support Tom Periello even when he calls for bar-b-queing children on the steps of the capitol. Sure, assume he won't after you just gave him carte blanche to do so.

PERFECT!!!! Lose a job and get a losers job.

I would volunteer to help pack Perriello away to a do nothing job out of this area.

Perfect as an administrative waterboy/cheerleader. I think it's a GS-15, Step 10 job, plus the DC differential. Just another 2 year job for him.

Do you hate GW Bush for starting the bailout?

To be fair I think ole TP was given a bum rap. Sure he sold us out on healthcare but I feel he was between a rock and a hard place. If he voted for it he took the chance of not getting reelected and if he voted against it he definitely was not going to get any Dem support for his election.
He rolled the dice and lost.

Right now we have the dems and the pubs screwing all of us with the tax cut bill. Neither care about the country. They only care about their inflated egos and the lobbyist that really run the country.

We do need change but until the career politicians are sent packing we will never have it. That my 2 cents before tax.

@ idontknowjustaskmywife:

We don't need to ask your wife. Your postings make it crystal clear that you don't know anything.

@adamius: Here's a clue since you obviously don't have one: The offices of President and U.S. Representative are two distinct jobs. Your Representative isn't supposed to represent the President. He is supposed to represent his constituents. The majority of voters, including those in Virginia's 5th Congressional District, were against ObamaCare's passage. Tommy Boy didn't care.....he had his own agenda which was dictated to him by Stretch Pelosi. He voted for it and combined with all the bribes, kickbacks and assorted skullduggery, it became law. Thankfully, a combination of court rulings and defunding by the Republicans will eventually make the issue of ObamaCare null and void. The only useful purpose it served was to rid the Congress of Tommy Boy and over 60 other libs like him. There now, doesn't it feel good to get some education on this matter? You don't have to thank me.

colfer- no, I don't hate President Bush because the bailout started with his administration, but I do have a lot of disdain for AH's like Dodd and Franks for what they did to put the plan together that required the bailouts.

@HarryD: You are spot on in your comments about Dodd and Frank. Biggest crooks and phonies around (Dodd just like his crooked father in that regard....apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Dodd had the sense to retire. The fools in Frank's district ctually reelected him! Btw here's another "bonus" thanks to Dodd and Frank:


Aren't these liberals great?
Liberalism: Ideas so good, they have to be mandatory.

"Liberalism: Ideas so good, they have to be mandatory."

not even Sen. Kennedy and Sen. Byrd could outlive the liberal agendas they championed, but get everything named after them post mortum.

Don't get me started- OK- so they push Obamacare through so that they could all be in "office" when it passed- now the question is, who will be in office when it is repealled. What is really strange is that they are continuallky voted into office by different bases- not enough liberal whites? Go after the hispanic vote. Not enough hispanics, go after the one armed (left arm only please) voters, not enough of them? Go after some other "group". Conservatives? We actually don't go after anyone to capturte votes- we present a conservative point of view and after the libs show their striped, we usually win for a few more years- until the libs gather their "peeps" together again.

Even the unions are wandering around aimlessly this time around.

Enough of me- let's hear some other points of view while we are on the subject.

"Enough of me- let’s hear some other points of view while we are on the subject."

According to the Census the migritation from liberal leaning states to the conservative states continues. They must feel guilty for living in Utopian areas and want to be with the little people.

Wait a minute. You conservatives here are defending a party of war profiteers who block funding to disabled vets and 9-11 first responders? Makes me sick.

I was in Brooklyn on 9/11 and the firetrucks,out of Maspeth/ Middle Village Queens, roared by my place on Grand St. These guys charged into the WTC. I've been asking how these trained firemen were lead into these structures. No one calculated the burning fuel when a plane collides into a skyscraper. Okay, stuff happens, I can accept that.
But then we were lied to about the health risks. And those buildings burned for 100 days. A column of smoke rose up and bent with the wind in every direction. Just taking a casual walk around Lower Manhattan I saw Air Quality monitors set-up in many, many locations. Stupid me, these monitors made feel safe.. Thanks Mr Mayor, you didn't have to do that.
Now we know two things: there was a risk and they lied.
Sorry make that three, they have to be shamed into paying for their mistake.
And by Comedy Central. Wow.