Residents and some bizes seem to enjoy their snow

Here's some video from Charlottesville's first snowstorm of the season, shot on the morning of Thursday, December 16. All the local public school systems are closed today.

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"How's that hand sanitizer treating you?"
Oh, that's some classic Hawes!


Newsplex got nothin for that.


I didn't know Zazus was open for breakfast! Sweet!

I believe that Hawes got his interviewing style from early-1980s "Late Night with David Letterman" man on the street bits.

You are creepy. Stop video tapping girls running. You little pervert.

What kinda knucklehead runs in da road wit deez drivers around??? GO DAT WAY GURL!!!

Driving with your knees ? And that's not all the fun you had today Mr. Spencer. Busy Day !

Nancy Drew- that facebook entry is to follow Hawes more often.