Snap: It's snowing naked men, hallelujah

news-streakerslawnsnow-krovetzThree men and one pair of shoes.

So this is what happens when it snows at UVA. Natalie Krovetz captured a scene of streaking today on the Lawn.

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Awesome, can you run through my neighborhood?

Keeping with traditions. When you peel off the fancy clothes you get to the true essence. In the '70's & '80's some ladies would have gladly joined in the fun and bared all for a dash up the Lawn.

Proud of their little snow flakes!

I'm sure there will be an investigation into this matter because fun is not supposed to exist anymore!

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!!

Atleast they didn't show their front.

Great tradition - let's bring it to Back Achers, through the Christmas trees.

This is a grand tradition. Anyone who has truly lost their sense of humor, please feel free to join Ebenezer and Mr. Potter in the next room. We will be with you in a while.