Hand mangled in snow blower

news-handstucksnowblowerCaptain Jay Davis rescues hand from snow blower.

Authorities report no severe road accidents in the season's first snow December 16, but one sidewalk accident appears serious. The casualty was a man clearing snow at Midway Manor on Ridge Street. He reached in to unclog the snow blower and ended up with his hand stuck.

Midway Manor is across the street from the fire station, and Captain Jay Davis was able to reverse the gears on the blower to create enough of an opening to get the man's hand out, says Charlottesville Fire Chief Charles Werner.

The man was taken to UVA Medical Center. "He was pretty seriously injured," says Werner. "His fingers were significantly disfigured."

Werner warns against reaching into a snow blower–- or any other machinery that's running–- and suggests that if the blower becomes clogged, to cut it off before trying to clear it out. "Hands can get stuck in anything," says Werner.

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That blows

ken jamme This Guy already figured out how to disable the kill switch .Its now up to his attorney Do-we-Cheat-em-And-how the best firm this side of the blue ridge .They'll get him enough money for a gold hook and a new pick-up truck .That is after they take their 90% .

You know it does take a special kind of dumb to get your hand mangled in a snow-blower or lawn mower. Either that or complete innocent ignorance of the ways of power equipment.

What a bone-head. Now after he sues the snow blower manufacturer, you will have to hold a kill switch closed in some manner on your snow blower.

But then this guy will figure out how to jumper it.

GASBAG, OSHA has may go over the line, but I would rather err on the side of worker safety than lose a digit or limb to poor workplace practices.

I usually agree with you, but not this time.

Did any on you know that every business is REQUIRED to have an MSDS (material data safety sheet) on every chemical in their business. Not only that but it must be for the EXACT item. If your business uses bleach you need an MSDS sheet for every brand you use even though the ingrdients are all 'chlorine bleach" You are required to have it for evert brand of hand soap, toilet bowl cleaner, glass cleaner, furniture polish, items in the first aid kit, etc etc. It must be in a notebook available to every employee who can research it WITHOUT PERMISSION. If OSHA comes in the business will be fined 1000 dollars a page for every missing page in the book.

A hundred thousand dollar fine can bankrupt many small busineses.

OSHA has its place but it can DESTROY a business when beaureaucrats tun amok.

Wow! I hope he learned something.

Dont ever call him stupid " LT. Dan "

Golly Aunt Bea, I was Just Trying To Lick The Spoon

stupid is as stupid does "Forest Gump" or the guy with his hand in the snow blower!!!!!

What is gruesome about the picture? You cannot see the hand only the effort to free it. As I understand, there was very little blood if any and none of which was seen. At best, you can see a little bit of the glove. Everyone is so critical these days and often when they know so little. Geez...and if there's a chance that it gets someone's attention not to think of doing the same thing, is that bad? Thanks Hook!

Note; Note; Dr It hurts when I do this ! Drs reply : well then dont do that !!!

Pretty gruesome photo. Looks like it got him pretty good.

I feel bad for the man that was injured..but what was he thinking???? If it has a motor, don't put your hand in it!!!!!

Gasbag Self Ordained Expert Man Get a sense of friggin humor will ya. As for your experience is it as a victim or as an ambulance chaser!

I have a lot of experience in this field -- a good competent

attorney will take good cases on a contingency fee of 33 1/3%.

This is far from being a good case though.

"Hands can get stuck in anything."

Tell me about it!

Way back in the old days before there was any regulation to protect workers, factory injuries abounded. A bad one was the "de-gloving" injury: industrial washing-machines had big rollers that workers (often children) would feed wet clothes into to dry. If a hand got tangled or somehow was pulled into the roller, the worker would instinctively pull their hand back out of the tight wooden rollers, sometime causing the de-gloving injury. The skin on the hand was pulled off completely, like taking off a glove and leaving it inside out. Ouch!

Does this mean he would put his hands under a lawnmower while it was running as well? I hope he gets better soon....

I certainly hope his hand can be saved and have normal function.

PS: I certainly would not want OSHA fouling up snow clearing the way the have fouled up everything else they have butted into.

Dahmius, that was a stupid comment. Do you have any heart?

Was it really necessary to use a snow blower with only 3" of snow? Certainly a shovel would have been more than adequate to clear the walkway and the only 'injury' might have been a sore back.

Princess, why single out Dahmius? Proctologist's, Dentata's and OccMed's comments were worse than that. All Dahmius said was what the rest of us were probably thinking, which wasn't anything rude.

I think Dahmius is also seeing a lot of the RED paint as a product of the aftermath. So the image looks worse than it actually is.

Maybe the piece of equipment is red and the white is just from the snow. I should have surmised that before. My bad.

Move to China and work there. You'd love the total lack
of OSHA like regulations. Just the wonder and joy of
free enterprise in a communist country.

OSHA is another government agency that has to do something once in a while just to justify their own existence. And this something is very often just about as simple minded as.... well, as simple minded as me occasionally. :)

Thank you for sharing! I’m glad I found it though, will be checking back soon to see what other info you have.

We are a sensationalized nation. I can't imagine such a photo being published a few years ago.

Don't let him near a blender.................

Time to sharpen those lawn mower blades! Just hold the file level and turn it on.

As a note: hands should not be placed in running blenders, meat grinders, wood chippers, diesel train engines or farm combines. Please look both ways before crossing the street!

I see what ya did there Fluoride Crystals...

I would guess an electric toothbrush may be out of this guys set of tools as well....