Rougemont blaze: Grease fire ruins house, shuts street

news-fire-onrougemontClick to see the location on a map.

A kitchen fire fed by grease appears to have destroyed a house on the Southeast side of town and blocked Rougemont Avenue, according to a dispatch from fire chief Charles Werner.

Werner says that all occupants got out of the house safely, but the picture he sent along suggests that the house has been nearly or completely destroyed.

The flames leapt up a wall, according to information Werner received from an occupant. Fire crews battled to extinguish the fire and protect adjacent homes, but the street–- between 6th Street and Hartmans Mill Road–- has been blocked.

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Glad everyone got out safe. My parents experienced the same thing about 7 years ago do to xmas lights, it was very devestating for them and friends/family. I pray for the couple living n the home & hope everythngs can b taken care of.

So sorry for this family...glad everyone got out safe. Cudos to Chief Werner and his band of firefighters...thanks for being there.

By the picture on the map its still burning!

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It is so sad to see another family loosing their home. Many thanks to our brave firefighters for going where must people would run away!
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