Marco & Luca now serving at Seminole Square

Hooray! Now you can get em' on Route 29!

They've conquered the Mall and the Corner (and even have their own theme song), and now Marco & Luca's dumplings have landed in the Seminole Square Shopping Center on Route 29.

Located in the former Aesthetic Associates day spa space at 176 Zan Road, it will be the biggest of their three locations, and according to Dragana Katalina-Sun–- one half of the husband and wife team whose children's names have become synonymous with cheap, tasty, and piping hot dumplings–- her husband, Sun Da, has plans to add a little musical entertainment to the mix and perhaps even some Dim Sum. Yum!

For now, says Katalina-Sun, the place is open on a sparse schedule as they iron a few things out, but as soon as the new year begins, they'll be on a regular schedule.

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It's a Christmas miracle!

Dim sum, please. Please.

I also was at Marco & Luca (Seminole Square) on New Year's Eve. They were getting ready to close but stayed open to make us a to-go order of dumplings. They were very good.

I rove dumprings!!!!


Now, where's Seminole Square?

Seminole Square is up 29 North. Turn Right at Chili's. Also can turn in at Cheeseburger in Paradise.

Great news...I work up that way and love Marco and Luca's. Theirs is a great business your way forward rather than buy your way forward. Smart people.

Hmmmmm, do people still not realize that they don't make these dumplings fresh?? It's all frozen and they just boil them and sell them. If you go to that asian store located near burger king you buy a bag of frozen dumpling for about 4 bucks. You get like 30 dumplings and thats what they do to. It's a great business plan though. They sell what like 6 dumplings for like the price of a frozen bag. So they can make a killing on those. It's just funny people say how great the food is when it's just frozen dumplings and spaghetii noodles.

Yes, but you have to include the ambiance of that little hole in the wall "walk up" service area on the DTM where they started out. That along with their hard-scrabble emigrant story is the real business model.


Ah, don't all restaurants buy food in bulk for cheaper, some of it frozen for certain restaurants, and sell it for more in their restaurant? Isn't that the whole idea of a restaurant business? Plus, they prepare the food for you, and I know Maro & Luca's creates a sauce for the dumplings. Same for their noodle dish. Yes, I can go to the grocery store and buy spaghetii noodles, steak, and chicken for cheaper, but that's not the point. What's yours?

Merry Christmas, Ray!

Hey forget about Jimmy whatever-his-name-is. These guys are the real food article in Cville. They make great food and want a reasonable price in return. Isn't that what it's about?

Agree with Ray. If they're known for one thing they should at least make it. That's his point.

Oh Ray you've crushed my enthusiasm. Dang those frozen dumplings are good though and there's no insufferable "we are demi-gods because we cook" nonsense to endure.

French cuisine is the best in the world

just sayin, the last time i ate at marco and luca's on the dtm i got doesn't look like their sanitation is up to code...

@Ray - exactly. I'll take what you noted a step further and point out that the reason they're so successful despite selling frozen dumplings and spaghetti noodles that anybody can buy at the grocery store is because people have just gotten that bad about cooking for themselves or bringing their own lunch to work. They'd rather pay somebody else marked up prices for simple items they could have prepared themselves....and probably done better.

I just don't understand why anyone would waste money on food. There is plenty of food thrown out everywhwere! Go to any store that sells food or any restaurant and just look in the trash.

@cvillain4 - the place on the Mall has been frickin' immaculate every time I've been there. I've no worries at all about their sanitation or food prep.

I had a delightful new years eve dinner for $7.50 at Marco Luca. Cutting edge, nope. Authentic, not really. Quality ingredients, not so much. Tasty, filling and cheap, hell yea.

Yeah, my point was a lot of people thought they made all the dumplings themselves. Just wanted to point that out and nothing else. I mean people are going go go ga ga over frozen dumplings and just imagine how they would be if it was actually the good hand made stuff. Oragasm galore