Left and Right come together on eve of holiday

news-robertsonbiden1Robertson, Biden.

Whoda thunk it? On this, the day before Christmas, two progressive ideas have found an embrace in the arms of leaders popular with both the left and the right. Today, Vice President Joe Biden remarked that gay marriage would eventually find favor with most Americans. Perhaps more surprisingly, on December 16, televangelist Pat Robertson, who has taken a more conservative approach on social issues, slammed the American tendency to criminalize marijuana. No word yet on what Biden thinks of decriminalizing pot, but it's safe to conclude that Robertson isn't ready to endorse gay marriage. Surprisingly, the Bible itself–- as Newsweek reported last year–- actually seems open to the concept.

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Just a couple of clowns, who cares what they think?

I'm sorry, to YOU TWO,
forgot to read my post! "A reader might not KNOW...."

it's not.
Hawe's, your headline and story, well -intentioned as they may have been, served for me only to accentuate the dismal turn of events this last week.
The "action" in congress, ( never again will I have the strength to capitalize it,) was not a "ray of hope-" so to speak, but another obscene sign,( or "death-throes",...ring any bell with THAT?,) of our beloved Republic's passing. It's futile.

It occurs to me only here that a reader, ( ,) might not what end of the pol. spectrum I come from; and of course only someone from an "end" would be contributing here at this time,
I'm a Democrat, meaning that from here on in I'll likely always vote for the Democrat. It used to mean something very different to me, but there are too many generations of completely unread and degenerate Americans, suffering with familial cerebral atherosclerosis, to engage in that model of citizenry.
Merry X, Hawes, you cruel- jokester.