Snap: Casket delivery at Hill & Wood

news-casketdeliveryA December 13 delivery of an unused casket.

It's not all fun and games during the holidays. Sometimes, Batesville Casket Company (headquartered in Batesville, Indiana) has to replenish the stock at local funeral homes, in this case at Hill & Wood in downtown Charlottesville.


Mr. Spencer,
Sir,you are so tasteless. 1st, you publish a photo of furniture sitting outside a seniors home. A vacancy and new tenant moving in, you say.
Then you publish another meaningless and tasteless photo of a casket. Macabre.

Offended by an image of a coffin being delivered?

Good thing Hawes Spencer wasn't there when the truck delivered cases of embalming fluid!

Gassy wishes he had $10 for each time a person has posted how they hate The Hook, how they would never pick up a copy of The Hook, and how they would never pay for The Hook.

And they come to The Hook online to read and subsequently make these comments. That my friends is true irony in the finest degree.

Oh, gassy does indeed care. Probably more than most.

In all honesty, I think the image is interesting.

The vast majority of the population has probably never seen a delivery such as this take place. And it doesn't mean they shouldn't be exposed to seeing it. Hill & Wood doesn't simply snap their fingers and make caskets appear out of thin air.

Bad taste is why I"ll never buy the Hook again! Even if they started giving it away for free, I'd probably never look at it.

Embalming fluid? It tastes pretty bad too, but it does give me this funny feeling I kinda like. Even if they started charging, I'd probably pay for it!

Writer's @ the local paper must be getting desperate. Bad taste is one reason why I do not ever buy this paper.

What am I missing here?

Even if they started giving it away for free, you would probably never look at it????

This web site is "The Hook", so to speak. And you're looking at it. Gosh, you even commented in it. And they even let you do that for free as well. :)

Gasbag, toilets also need to cleaned and sewage treated. Should we be treated to pictures of these activities as well?

The publishing of this picture says more about the person choosing to publish it than the public's right to see such an image.

Everybody dies. Everybody knew that before this photo was published. You would have to be an absolute dullard to not understand that caskets get delivered to funeral homes. None of that means that the decision to publish this picture was in good taste.

But you're right. No one is forcing anyone to read the hook and Mr. Spencer can publish as many tasteless pictures as he wants. And people are free to stop reading the hook.

I won't stop reading the hook because of this but that does not mean it's not a tasteless publishing decision.

@Faye Brooks - "Writer’s @ the local paper must be getting desperate. Bad taste is one reason why I do not ever buy this paper." - This is a FREE paper....

Gasbag- you are SO RIGHT! CJ just trying to tweak your nose again...lesson not learned that gassy doesn't care.

CookieJar - the paper IS free.

Ummmm...really? Did you just need to fill some empty space in your tabloid? Who gives a rats rear about casket deliveries, we'll all see one sooner or later! Thanks for giving us a rush into our destiny's HOOK!

Just solidifies the theory that this town is full of "stiffs"

Hawes, slow weekend???

I too am very offended by this! The main reason I don't buy the Hook is that it is FREE!

Cant say the photo is the most tasteful considering time of year and the hurt some feel during the holidays of missing a loved one. Also caption notes it was taken Dec 13th. Why post today?