Snap: How much snow will we get xmas day?

news-belmontbridge-copyBelmont and its bridge at 8:51am on the 21st, five days after the season's first snowstorm.

Sunday, December 26, 9:25am update: The snow gods don't seem to love us as much as they did before. Now, the NWS is just using the word "dusting" with temps in the uppers 20s and low 30s–- though the winds around 15mph could make it feel like zero.

9:44am update: The NWS has issued a new alert suggesting as much as five inches of snow beginning late Christmas night.

As this little blog post is written, it is snowing in the Charlottesville area. So how much? We got two or three inches a week ago when this photograph was taken. But the latest from the National Weather Service is a little iffy about how much today: maybe just these few flakes today and then perhaps an inch or so on Sunday. That's for us. If you've got chums in Delmarva and the coastal sections of New Jersey and New York, you might want to tell them to rev up their snow-blower, as the storm that'll dust us will probably load them up, overnight Sunday, with a foot or so! And on Monday your pals in greater Boston are gonna get a reminder of what a blizzard is like...

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god is love so we should to in the spirit for for all mankind.

Hope everyone has stocked their pantries and built up their wood piles. Looks like a long winter ahead. Last year a friend of mine ran out of wood and called on my services to find some. Even Nancy Drew was stumped, so, my advice, call today don't delay.

So what the hell is the forecast for us then??? Those forecasters are saying one inch now they are saying 5 inches what the hell????? Get the forecast right for goodness sakes and Merry Xmas to everyone, Bah Freak Humbug