Snap: Horse-drawn carriage

news-horsedrawn4:36pm on December 26.

Sorry, this a non-local snap o' the day. Twas shot from the Hookmobile the day after Christmas on Thompson Corner Road in St. Mary's County, Maryland. Lots of Amish and Mennonite folks inhabit and cultivate this area.

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He has the orange triangle as required by law, but by gosh that should be outlawed. If some young inexperienced driver goes into a curve doing 60 mph, and there is traffic in the oppsoing lane, they can't possibly stop in time to avoid a serious accident. I'm surprised there as few accidents involving horse drawn carriages as there is.

I hate to be Mr. Grammar Police (and despite my occasional roll[sic] as such an police person, I had nothing to do with the frame up), but I think you mean "as they're be."

If I really cared, the correct grammar would be "It surprises me that there's not more accidents involving these horse drawn carriages".

I’m surprised there as few accidents involving horse drawn carriages as they're be" doesn't sound right.

If the horse carriages should be outlawed from being on the road, then so should bicycles, mopeds, and anything thing else that goes under 40mph? I've driven extensively in Lancaster County, PA and have never had a close call, with a buggy. They usually do a good job of getting on the shoulder if thy have to.

"I be surprazed that there ain't no mo adcidents than thems is" sounds good to me .. Really CJ .. in this day and age where nobody speaks proper English .. Teachers can't teach proper English .. who really gives a flip about bringing "up to code?"

Sorry for the interruption again Gas. I know you don't care and all, and your caring is all that makes what's correct correct or not, but I think maybe you still have a little work to do to bring your statement of surprise "up to code" so to speak. Maybe you should try "their're" in you're sentence and see how that sounds. You have nothing to loose by trying.

This is the best part - the comments. Maybe they should change the name to "The Hoot"!