Bitter fruit: Another Kluge venture under foreclosure

news-vineyard-estates-gateFive parcels in phase one of Vineyard Estates are under foreclosure.

Patricia Kluge and Bill Moses close out 2010 with another foreclosure in their future, this time on five lots in their 24-lot Vineyard Estates subdivision.

The parcels in Meadow Estates, phase one of the high-end gated subdivision in southern Albemarle, total 122 acres and are assessed at $6.9 million. Vineyard Estates LLC owes $8.2 million, according to a property auction notice.

Partner First Colony Corporation from North Carolina went bankrupt, a demise that precipitated the first foreclosure of the year, when the 6,600-square-foot Glen Love Cottage, the only house built in the subdivision, according to county records, went on the block in March. Kluge and Moses bought back the property, assessed at $2.76 million, for $3,675,000 and now reside there.

"Vineyard Estates has suffered from a lack of sales as have many other real estate projects during the recent economic downturn," says Bill Moses in a statement. He notes that First Colony, "an experienced and successful developer," was unable to complete its funding obligations or to find alternative financing. Sonabank out of McLean called the loan.

A similar scenario put Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyard up for auction in early December. Payments on the $35 million line of credit were current, said Moses in an earlier interview with the Hook, but the winery had not met sales quotas. With an opening minimum of $19 million and no other bidders, Farm Credit took possession of the award-winning winery December 8.

Farm Credit also holds a second lien on Albemarle House, Kluge's mansion that was listed for a record $100 million a year ago, but now can be had for $24 million.

The Vineyard Estates parcels will be auctioned off at the Albemarle County Courthouse at 11am January 11.

"We remain hopeful that given various ongoing negotiations, the vision we have had for helping this project benefit the county, as well as the Virginia wine industry, may still be able to be realized," says Moses. "We shall continue in that effort."


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I am in shock this happened to Pat I worked for her at Albermarle House during her divorce from John Kluge my prayers go out for her that she may pull thru in this time of crisis. Pat is a dynamic individual.

But what will become of these poor ex-wives of billionaires?

We may be able to subsist on Schadenfreude, but can they?

Good. Last thing we need is more subdivisions chewing up the landscape.

I have nothing whatsoever against Ms. Kluge, but whoever told her she had a head for business was lying to her.

Just because you build it doesn't mean they will come.

I heard her wine auction fetched a cool three dollars a bottle!

Looks like the foreclosure for Vineyard Estates has been cancelled. She might pull through all this and come back strong. Let's hope so!

a fool and their money are soon parted.

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I'm so very sorry to hear of this news .This is some of the most beautiful property in Albemarle county If I only had a few dollars to spare ,but being poor is not in my favor I would purchase if I could I wish all the best for Mr.& Mrs. Mosses ,you two have done Charlottesville and surrounding area with alot of good deeds ,everyone should try to help ,Hoping you have a much better new year 2011 ,sandy cason

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We need land, land, land around here. Local real estate prices have been obscenely high for more than 40 years. What fool wants to block dividing this land?

December 28th, 2010 | 9:08 pm
I heard her wine auction fetched a cool three dollars a bottle!

WRONG It was $3.00 a CASE hahaha