More options for would-be drunk drivers

For 21 years, the Chandler Law Group has provided safe rides home over the holidays for imbibing drivers. This year, another personal injury law firm will pick up the tab if you call a cab.

Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen has offered rides home in the Richmond area for years, and decided to extend the program to Charlottesville, says Charlottesville managing partner Matt Murray. "New Year's Eve is such a big drinking holiday, we wanted to have plenty of rides," he says.

Allen & Allen has Access Taxi at 434-974-5522 ready to take home revelers within a 20-mile radius of Charlottesville between 9pm December 31 and 3am January 1. The Chandler Law Group will pay for a cab ride within a 10-mile radius of the city from December 17 through NYE. Call Yellow Cab at 434-295-4131.


Do you get a ride to the bar too so you don't have to take a cab back to your car the next day?

I wait in anticipation all year just to get my free 30 minute cab ride New Years!

Do you have to prove you're drunk to get a ride ?

I was thinking the same you have to prove that you're drunk? Otherwise anybody could take advantage of this 6 hour window to get a free lift anywhere around town. :D And you KNOW there are schemers out there who take advantage of everything. :D


I will get drunk and ask for a ride to the Jefferson and then get super drunk there and ask for a ride back home. Win win for all