Another of Fred Smith's sons arrested

Remember April 1999 when about 300 UVA students rallied to protest the presence of one of FedEx boss Fred Smith's allegedly belligerent sons? It seems another scion of the billionaire has tangled with the law. Memphis media are reporting that 23-year-old Frederick "Cannon" Smith has been arrested in that city for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. Charlottesvillians may recall that the son here, Richard Smith, was convicted of assault and battery for breaking the jaw of a fellow student who called him a "fat ass." The protests happened because Smith escaped on-Grounds punishment–- even though then Albemarle Commonwealth's Attorney James Camblos III called the assault “one of the worst cases of unprovoked attacks” he’d seen. The rally appeared to prompt then president John Casteen to intervene by personally suspending Smith, who went on to work at Value America, a short-lived internet retailer funded in part by $10 million put up by his father. Value America went bankrupt in late 1999, and Richard Smith went on to sue UVA for $1.25 million, but a federal jury ruled against him in October, 2000.

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A lot more indeed. He didn't beat up someone who called him fat, he beat up someone who called him FAT ASS.

i think the reason why they are including this article in a cville paper is that the original arrest of richard smith back in the 90s was a bigger deal than this little article suggests, and that there was a lot more to richard smith's crime than just him beating up someone who called him fat. i guess they're just assuming that we all remember the original story.

Another rich, spoiled kid with poisoned value system gets arrested and we get to read about this. Kim K gets corn rows and it made national news. Maybe if he got corn rows and then got arrested it would have gone national. Who gives a rat's *&^ about these people?

Oh, I forgot to mention he should have partied with Paris and had some cocaine in her purse. Then they could have pointed fingers at each other and maintained their useless lives. Or better yet partied with the Jersey Shore crew, done Snooki, had some kids with her, and finally settled down with another obnoxious, do nothing, slut. Is it me, or has the measuring bar for good TV stayed just above the toilet? least he didn't kill someone.

Hell, who hasn't been arrested for drunk and disorderly? I got arrested twice back in the 60s and it never even made the paper. Of course, my Dad wasn't rich. I don't see how this particular act reflects on the father.

A lot of people would blame this on parenting and values.

I don't.

More and more people have no use whatsoever for these new rookies out here on the street who abuse their perceived government granted right to do as they pleaase, harass people and deny them of their constitutional rights.

Before I pass judgement on this case, I want to hear an audio tape of who said what to whom. And whether or not Smith was egged into getting arrested.

Why would we care about someone arrested in Memphis?

Raising solid citizens to carry on the legacy.

An unprovoked attack wouldn't include the calling of the assaultor "fat ass" by the assaultee, especially if the assaultor was indeed a fat ass.

Sounds like ol' Fred Smith has another loose "Cannon" in his family. LOL, LOL. ROFLMFAO.

Wait, I thought poverty, bad neighborhoods, and a lack of education caused crime ...

These darn new-fangled rookies. Blow hard.

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I don't a lot of people really care. It's just interesting.

like I thought this was Charlottesville, not Memphis? This is more TCM crap as Gill mentioned. The HacK, has now become the Charlottesville Enquirer, so lame.

as I recall, Richard Smith and a bunch of friends had been out drinking all night, were walking home drunk, happened to pass this kid who was minding his own business, smith and his friends made fun of him for being homosexual and really went after him, the kid tried to brush it off by walking away from them muttering something like "whatever fatass." that's when they all jumped on him and savagely beat him.

I don't see how the "fat ass" part of this story is the one you should be keying on.

After much litigation X got a $500,000 verdict which was collected. In addition Smith + 2 sued UVa for throwing them out etc so with attorney fees in both cases it must have been a 3/4 of Million cost to the Smiths. The recent assaults at UVa come to mind, but so far another trust fund kid hasn't been involved. Well maybe one has been seen sitting in the Va. Quarterly office but that's a different story.