Woman's body identified

The woman found deceased in her car near Preston Avenue on Monday, January 3 has been identified. She is 27-year-old Courtney T. Chambers. According to Charlottesville Police Lt. Ronnie Roberts, Chambers body was discovered inĀ  her vehicle in the parking lot of Oxford Hill Apartments at the corner of Madison and Preston avenues by a passerby. She'd failed to return to work from her lunch break. Medical testing on the body is underway, and in an emailed statement, Roberts says there were no signs of trauma.

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Doesn't that make you feel so safe. lmao The cops around here are so dumb.

I get a chuckle out of people make fun of people who are seen in public places being judgmental and all.

I'd love to follow YOU on your job and see how "dumb" you are too.

Please have some class and point the finger at yourself before you point it at others.

Barney Fife ha ha ha ha lol

right right and right.

So Hook- is this in the running for 2010's "Worst Lunch Break"?

I think we have a corrupt law enforcement here in the city, although i think the county is far worse off.

Sad, condolences to the family.

Whether the scene was contaminated or not, this isn't the place to discuss it or comment on other people's posts that you disagree with.

Courtney was the wife of one of my oldest friends. She and her husband were and are wonderful people, and I would hate for anyone who knew them to have to read the petty, unnecessary things posted here.

I happened to grab a copy of the St. Louis Post Dispatch this afternoon. As I was flipping through the pages, I noticed this beautiful picture of Courtney Chambers. At first I thought, there is no way this young woman could have died. But as I continued to read, I learned that sadly she had passed away from a heart condition. My prayers go out to her family and her husband of only three years.

Although the internet is a wonderful tool, I hate to see how it can be used to hurt people. A young woman with a long life ahead of her has just passed away and people are making jokes about the scene. I hope and pray the family and friends of Courtney will find comfort in this time of mourning and not read the comments that do not even acknowledge that their beautiful daughter, sister and wife has passed away.

I only saw about fifty cops mucking around the scene acting like it was the biggest thing they had ever seen. Thank god foul play isn't suspected, cause Barney Fife and the other deputies sure contaminated the scene.

Whatever happened to condolences to the family for the loss of somebody's daughter/granddaughter/sister, somebody's friend, girlfriend/wife, etc. Somebody died prematurely, in the middle of going about their day, totally unexpected. But as usual the body shells masquerading as humans that lurk about in our world can only make jokes and find ways to criticize and poke fun at something.

Condolences to the family and friends for their premature loss.

I have no information on Ms. Chambers' death.
Does anyone?
"No signs of trauma" almost sounds like a prelude to "Ms. Chambers died of heart failure."

Not a lot of news on this, but I believe this is her:


Sad story.