Sabato puts Jim Webb on vulnerable list

news-senatorjimwebbWebb spoke to Sabato's class in April.

UVA-based pundit Larry Sabato has placed Virginia's senior U.S. Senator, Jim Webb, on his list of seven vulnerable members of the Senate, along with Joe Lieberman, Claire McCaskill, and others.

Calling the race a toss-up between the two parties, Sabato's so-called "Crystal Ball" notes that Webb could face a challenge from the man he dethroned, George Allen, as well as from such figures as ever-controversial Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and conservative state lawmaker Bob Marshall.

The election is not until November 2012, and no candidates have officially announced.

"It's ridiculously early, of course," Sabato notes.


@Mrs T: "Face it, he’s one of the best handicappers out there."

Handicappers belong in Las Vegas.

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Seems as though Mr. Webb's mother has just died in North Carolina. Maybe we can lay off of his future potential for now.

Neither George Allen (Country Club Republican), Bob McDonnell Country Club Republican), nor Jim Webb (Big Government) are Tea Party believers.

Are you?

Tea Party Principles and Goals

1. Limited Government
2. Constitutional Governance
3. Fiscal Responsibility
4. Lower Taxes
5. Free Enterprise
6. Reduce the National Debt
7. Repeal and Replace Government-Run Health Care
8. American Sovereignty and Exceptionalism
9. The Rule of Law
10. Personal Liberty with Personal Responsibility

Folks - Jim Webb voted to force public employee unions on Virginia. Those are the same public employee unions that have driven many states into bankruptcy not to mention numerous countries. The legislation (S3991) would have resulted in every policeman and firefighter and other first responders put under union control. Every Virginia taxpayers in the state and every city and county would have been forced effectively to pay the union dues and artificially high wages for each of these workers.

Then there is the issue of strikes and job actions. The legislation prohibits strikes but hey it's a union.....striking is their leverage to get what they want.

And one public employee union is all that is needed to justify EVERY state, county, and city worker under union control.

Webb also voted for the Dream Act which was advertised as a bill to help children of illegals which went well beyond that in truth.

All of this while Jim Webb's Senate has failed to create jobs for America.

Jim Webb for Senate reelection? No thank you.

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I usually vote conservative, but I doubt I could vote against the architect of the new GI Bill. That piece of legislation is a godsend to our troops.

I agree with the last quote. It IS ridiculously early to be handicapping political races that are two years away and for which no candidates have even announced!

Larry Sabato's Center For Politics ostensibly attempts to illuminate the political process and enhance debate. However, this "crystal ball" nonsense in fact reduces the process to the level of a sporting event or horse race. I wish it would go away.

I voted for Webb last time. But without knowing who the candidates are I can still say I won't be voting for him again.

Sabato's predictions are spot on, even those that are 'ridiculously early'. Face it, he's one of the best handicappers out there.

Nobody has done more for the Military and Veterans in Congress then Jim Webb. As a service member myself, Webb was the best vote I ever made and he has it for life. That say's quite a bit in this state, considering how many active duty, retired, and veteran residents we have.

Methinks George Allen's henchmen lurk hereabouts...

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Gee, RTGreenwood, you've listed a bunch of reasons to vote FOR Jim Webb! Yay for collective bargaining. Yay for taking care of people who have served their country. Yay for the Dream Act. And the list goes on... I was unsure what Webb would be like when I voted for him last go-round, but if he runs again, I'll definitely work to re-elect him.

I should elaborate. I liked George as governor. When he went to Washington, he changed. In response to questions, or in any speech was representing his party, not his constituents. Yada-yada-yada. Jeez, at least make it sound like you thought of it. If he grows a pair, maybe I'll consider voting for him, otherwise, might as well vote for a hand-puppet.

I am an independent who usually votes Republican, but I'll support Jim Webb again as I did the first time he ran. If he runs again. As an honest and principled man who promotes core American values. He votes with his party sometimes and against it other times. He , he may be feeling kind of lonely in Washington. He has never chosen the easy way for himself. Graduating from Annapolis, he could have chosen safe Navy job. Instead, he chose the Marine Corps knowing that he would see combat in Viet Nam. Reading his books provides insight to his character. I can support a legislator who is honest, principled, and willing to put himself on the line even though I disagree with some of his positions and votes on some issues. Honest, principled legislators with character and a willingness to risk their life for their country are becoming more rare in these times.

Give Me A Break: That's all Sabato is, a Las Vegas Handicapper. But people love their betting and their polls, it's just that Sabato is very good at what he does, I'm not saying anything more than that.

Charles: As someone who served 20 years on active duty, 101st AA, followed by 10 as a senior officer in the Virginia Army National Guard in Staunton I would love to hear what you think these wonderful things are that you think ebb has done for us, especially for women and minorities in the armed forces. I don't see a vote that he made in support of the military that wouldn't have been made by anyone. Webb always takes the easy way out, no guts, no glory. And he's a criminal and a lout besides, how would you feel if I tried sneaking a handgun into somewhere it wasn't allowed then shoved it into your pocket and tried to get the authorities to blame you. No honor, no integrity, Jim Webb.

Wog: Jim Webb "a legislator who is honest, principled".

Need to some learning my friend. An honest principled man would take responsibility for his actions. He gets caught asking a subordinate to take the blame and then waffles for months until he finally admits he committed a felony, but because he has friends in high places he gets away with it.

Start you learning here:

Principled and honest my adz.

The array of childish insults (which i've deleted) has caused me to turn off commenting.--hawes spencer