New charges: Prosecutor delivers bad news to accused killer Huguely

cover-lax-duoHuguely stands accused of killing fellow UVA lacrosse player Yeardley Love.

Charlottesville's top prosecutor has just revealed a new pack of charges against the silver-spooned scion of a Washington family who stands accused of killing an ex-girlfriend, a crime that shocked the University of Virginia and reverberated across the nation due to the golden lives cut short by the killing.

George Wesley Huguely V will face the five new charges–- felony murder, robbery, burglary, statutory burglary, and grand larceny–- at a 10am video feed to the Charlottesville General District Court on Monday, January 10, according to a release from Commonwealth's Attorney Dave Chapman.

Hastening to note in the release that Huguely remains presumed innocent until proven guilty, Chapman also points out that he expects to receive a request for a continuance of Huguely's scheduled January 21 preliminary hearing.

Already charged with first-degree murder, Huguely was arrested May 3, the day his ex-girlfriend was found dead in a pool of blood in her 14th Street apartment. Through a lawyer, Huguely–- despite an alleged admission of battering her head against a wall–- has portrayed 22-year-old college senior Yeardley Love's death as an accident. He has been held at the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail.

The case has attracted such widespread national attention that a vaguely-sourced December story about an allegedly impending plea deal caused even respected national media outlets such as CBS to devote multiple minutes of television airtime to rehashing the case. As it turned out, the only real development in the case last month came when a Charlottesville judge turned back an attempt by Huguely's defense team to probe through her medical records. A defense lawyer even claimed that Love may have died not from blunt force trauma but from her own prescription to Adderall, a stimulant widely used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.


Leave them in a room with me! Me me me!!!

I don't respect CBS.

this young man life is down the drange any way for what happen in this case, you have murder charges again you and then 4 or 5 more own top of this , things dont look good at this time,this is what happen when somethihg like this dont get cought in time,ahd people have to come forward and tell what know.

darn Adderall, just jumps out of the bottle and beats your head against the wall.

Perhaps these attorneys should be left in a room alone with Adderall to see just what happens.

"silver-spooned scion of a Washington family "
"golden lives cut short by the killing"
Excellent, classy reporting!! Good job!!! Keep up the stellar word choice!! You are so gifted at diction and syntax!!

Leave them in a room with Boy George and the Adderall....

I hope the Commonwealth's case hasn't gone south on them. I don't understand placing all these "Mickey Mouse" charges when Huguely is already charged with first degree murder. I guess Chapman is working some kind of mid-game strategy, but I will never understand it.

Well.If they just get him on the larceny he will do some time, right?

"Hastening to note in the release that Huguely remains presumed innocent until proven guilty".....

.....and Ms. Love remains deceased due to Boy George carrying out a death sentence on her...........

I hope he gets the Chair for this murder or if not that Life. I am a mother and have two daughters, one of which is a graduate of UVA, and can only think how I would feel at this beast taking my daughter. If he gets out he will take another life. BJS