Cute little snowfall-- less than an inch-- blankets Charlottesville

news-snowpanorama-copy7:32am Saturday view of downtown from 500 Court Square.

This picture tells the story: snow sticking to rooftops but not to streets, so don't cancel your events, people!

However, the National Weather Service is predicting that the Charlottesville area could be on track for a major snowstorm on Tuesday. It all depends on how the storm, now located over the American midwest, twists and turns on its voyage eastward.

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Route 53 was closed because people living in this area do not know how to drive in snow and ice.

Just like last year's major snowfalls, had people blocking every road in the city and county in rear wheel drive vehicles. They should have known they needed to park the cars or put snow chains on.

On the topic- can't wait until Tuesday!

I could write the story right now- entitled- "Frigginmessin"

But who would keep studded snow tires on their car in Charlottesville for months ? Tractionaids can find a cozy place in any vehicle and be there when you need them, and they work in mud as well.

Anyone got a bookie in town ? -let's make bets
" Clayton Stiver of NBC29-- aka @NBC29 on Twitter-- still sticking with his one- or two-inch snow prediction. Hook Weatherama® still saying 3" @hawes spencer on twitter about 4 hours ago

If you want to be truly prepared for winter driving get a pair of these.

I drove into West Virginia the day after the January blizzard on roads that no cars were traveling with complete confidence, because of my newly purchased tractionaids. And I'm not the only person in Charlottesville that had a chance to use these last winter.

Studded snow tires are better. :)

Slightly off topic, but Rt. 53 is dangerous even in the dry. Especially that section between Michie Tavern and Jefferson Vineyards. The county really should widen and straighten that part due to the sheer number of vehicles on that road. Similar to what they did to Rio Road a few years ago. It (Rt.53) wasn't built to handle the number of tour buses and local traffic that travel through there daily. It wouldn't hurt Michie Tavern and Monticello to cough up a few bucks to fix that particular section.

Hey kids, no school tomorrow - get out your sleds.

Really love your roof top series

Hate to pop your bubble, but Route 53 was CLOSED again this a.m. due to 12 cars losing control and blocking the road up to Mr. Jefferson's home. This occurred at 8:15 this a.m. and reminded me of the road's closing last year as VDOT attempted to clear the highway of cars and snow.
Pretty snow, but treacherous travel without salting.chemicals on Route 53 East in Albemarle County.

so, to summarize.....not "cute" in my opinion at ALL!! watch out tuesday, folks!

Speed Speed Speed on slick roads =. When will people learn ?

And if you want to avoid accidents- move to the City, and view the "cute little snowfall ", as this photographer did, from a safe perch downtown. Cities are safer places to live - just ask Bill Lucy.

University of Virginia Study Reveals the Dangers of Travel in Virginia

January 27, 2009 � Contrary to popular belief, cities are safer than suburbs and rural areas, according to a new study released at the University of Virginia.

For people who travel from home to work, shop, recreate, attend school and engage in other activities, central cities and small cities in Virginia are the safest, said William H. Lucy, Lawrence Lewis Jr. Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning.

"Real estate surveys report that neighborhood safety is the most important single influence on where home buyers purchase residences," Lucy said. "Most people think about crime when they think about neighborhood safety. But the greatest danger of leaving home is from traffic injuries and fatalities. This research demonstrates that the danger of leaving home is much greater in low-density suburbs and exurbs than in higher-density cities and inner suburbs."

sooo ridiculous coming down 53 this morning. NO SNOW even on the ground, but yet I saw one bad wreck before I even got to the road closure at Michie Tavern. WTH, people????

Just like last year’s major snowfalls, had people blocking every road in the city and county in rear wheel drive vehicles.


Gee gasser, I was out of the country watching it hit the news, and what I saw were a lot of 4wds and AWDs in the ditch with nitwits who think 4wd means they have better breaks than everyone else. I certainly don't remember seeing such stupidity out places like 20S when everybody hs RWD unless they had the farm Jeep out, which was different. I got back and drove over some of the most atrocious roads I have ever seen in a RWD, and was around for the next big dump in my RWD too.

Of course, I did put on snow tyres, and that sure makes a big difference on stopping and starting doesn't it? Blew past a lot of those AWDs stuck in the snow.

I think the blame needs to laid where it belongs - with over confident drivers who have no fricken clue about equipping any vehicle properly for winter driving, and thinking that AWD gets rid of teh need for appropriate rubber.

Woops, grammar policing myself. That would be brakes, not breaks.

A small snow such as this can be very treacherous. Folks don't think its much and drive without enough caution. Also not really enough depth for tires to bite into. The highway dept usually doesn't give this amount there full attention. Like someone said above, Tuesday should remedy all these problems!

Funny you should mention 20 South. This is exactly where I saw the driver in a rear wheel drive Jaguar blocking the entire road, both lanes. Yes, the AWD and 4X4 drivers were also stuck.... they were stuck behind this Jaguar who thought his All Season radial tires were going to handle these major snowstorms. Before blocking both lanes of 20 South right there at the Elks Lodge, he had just blocked the intersection of East High and River Road at Free Bridge. He was causing anything near him to come to a complete stop while he tried to spin his way out of their way.

I had no problem going anywhere. Well, other than waiting for the people without the proper equipment or tires to get out of my way. I had a 8,000 pound SUV with brand new mud and snow tires on it. When people start spinning their wheels and getting stuck... they need to pull off the public highway and let those who can get through go.

We won't even discuss the hundreds of people who simply abandoned their vehicles in the traveled portion of roadways. Simply because they did not have the proper equipment to travel any further. :)