UVA Art Museum hosts "Battle of Wonders"

John Raphael Smith English, 17521812 after Henry Fuseli Swiss, 17411825 Ariadne and Theseus, 1788
John Raphael Smith English, after Henry Fuseli Swiss, "Ariadne and Theseus," 1788.

The University of Virginia Art Museum hosts "Battle of Wonders," featuring a literary contest, sculpture parade, performances, and exhibition inspired by the Museum's current show, "From Classic to Romantic, British Art in the Age of Transition." Curator Stephen Margulies and UVA art prof William Bennett have organized an imaginative and wild evening of art-filled and artful entertainment, with highlights such as a giant helium orb, a disembodied head of Frankenstein, and all manner of other fanciful shenanigans. 155 Rugby Road. For more information, contact Stephen Margulies, snm4z@virginia.edu.