Kings Dominion embroiled in bitter corporate fight

cover-kings-panorama-mThe park as seen from its 1/3-scale replica of the Eiffel Tower.

Kings Dominion, the Virginia amusement park that has entertained millions of people since its beginnings in the 1970s, now faces a corporate battle as its parent company stands accused of ignoring shareholders and lavishing too much salary–- about $2.5 million in 2009–- on its chief. The Toledo Blade has the story of the fight over Cedar Fair Entertainment.

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Why would anyone be surprised that the CEO would treat his company as the "King's Dominion"? It's just like finding out that the Dairy Queen CEO is a cross dresser...;)

Good. I hope the place closes. I hate kings dominion.

I like rollercoasters.

This is quite the dilemma. Do I side with shareholders who would sell your first born for a profit if they could or the guy raking in 2.5 mil a year? Decisions, decisions.

We geese do not like mister fabio and his duminion,, himself can go back to hek!!

Not funny. He killed one of us with his face.

"The Rich Get Richer Quicker " --maybe someone is catching on

"If a just society is defined by the relationship between the well off and the very poor, we have big trouble. US Census data for 2010 show the widest rich-poor income gap on record. ... The mythic land of equality has the largest income disparity of any Western nation. How can that be?

These figures show that the shocking economic collapse of the last two years has been no collapse whatsoever for the most affluent, even while it remains traumatic for most, and catastrophic for many. Yet instead of generating a sense of moral urgency, this condition has produced a spirit of entitlement among the privileged. "

As it seems money is far more important than the people it is made to serve! Need to get back to caring about people and not about large profits and unfair charges that affect us all.