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Arts enthusiasts in Western Albemarle no longer need to trek into town to take classes. Old Crozet School Arts (OCSA), which opened in September 2009 in the former Crozet Elementary School building, offers a wide range of quality and affordable arts instruction for artists of all ages and disciplines.

The non-profit organization arose out of the community's desire to revitalize the aging school building, which sat vacant for a number of years, as a culture and community center. OCSA offers classes in dance, music, theatre, visual arts, and other art forms. It's their hope that intermingling artists from all disciplines under one roof will promote growth, awareness, and integration of the arts and will lay the groundwork for the development of a true center of culture at the Old Crozet School.

OCSA classes go beyond basic ballet, musical instrument, painting, and theatre instruction. OCSA founder and dance instructor Sharon Tolczyk along with Administrative Director Mollie Washburne have gathered a host of local professionals, including Hamner Theatre co-director Boomie Pedersen, McGuffey artist John Hancock, and UVA music performance faculty Elizabeth Roberts, who offer a whole range of innovative and exciting classes: storytelling and children's theatre classes, for example, juggling, clay work and beading, beginner and intermediate French conversation, even sewing. In fact, one of the school's popular classes is Ballet for Boys. Yoga, Pilates, T'ai Chi, and Basket Weaving are also among the current class listings.

OCSA schedules classes throughout the day in order to accommodate learners of all types including preschoolers, homeschoolers, adults, elementary/middle/high school students, and senior citizens. Some of the dance classes can even be taken on a drop-in basis.

Registration is underway for classes in ballet for all ages and levels, Creative Movement for preschoolers, Stretch and Movement, Pilates, Hsing-I Short Stick, Chamber Strings, Flute Ensemble, Cello Choir, Guitar, Clay for Kids and Middle-Schoolers, ...Play on!! children's theatre classes, and more. See OCSA's website for a complete schedule. Spring Session classes begin Wednesday, January 19. 1408 Crozet Ave (side entrances). 964-6770.

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Fabulous article! Sounds like a wonderful place to take classes and there is something for every one!