Carnal drama: Wife reportedly knew shot boy all too well

news-kimberlycrilleyCrilley was arrested October 29.

There's a bizarre story developing in the Shenandoah Valley community of Mt. Solon where a 14-year-old-boy was shot in a leg  January 13 while allegedly trying to break into a couple's home. Now, according to a next-day story in the Staunton newspaper, it turns out that the shooter's wife–- 48-year-old Kimberly Crilley of Lookout Mountain Road–- has been jailed. The paper reports that she was arrested in October for allegedly having a felonious carnal relationship with the boy, and then jailed for allegedly violating the terms of her bond. Augusta County Circuit Court records show she'll get a hearing on January 18.

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@Nicknameoscar & SusieB - While I agree with you both, that's not always the case. First hand experience gave the perp of my daughter Carnal Knowledge, not rape (which it should have been) and my daughter was only 12 when he was caught. Watch the charges on this lady be plea barginned down to something a lot less just so the state doesn't have to pay to prosecute her....just so sad.

While I agree the charge should be no less than rape AND child molesting, I disaggree that it's the same with a 14 yr old girl and 47 yr old man. I think of it this way, insert a 14 yr old boy into a 50 yr old woman and you have needle in a hay stack. Insert a 50 yr old man into a 14 yr old girl and you got the hay stack trying to get in the needle. Regardless, she molested this boy. I think the husband must be a nut case too, actually. His little love overtures are doing nothing but condoning her. Both need therepy. and the boy.

My biggest question is....What common ground do people of this age difference have to discuss? What type of bicycle he wants Santa to bring him next year? or What color doll house she wants? What in the world do they discuss in a relationship that's of common interest? I also wonder, Does this lady have children of her own?

Ummm, lots of teenage boys would probably be quite appreciative of the experience of "felonious carnal relationships" and might seek them out.

Oh boy, juicy stuff!

Why bother to watch Desperate Housewives when there's a scandal just up the road! Maybe she dumped him for someone even younger which may be why he tried to break in. I smell a reality TV series in the making.

GUILTY: of being smokin' in a school zone.

Actually, she seems attractive.

What does your comment mean, "no webb"? Are you calling her a liberal? Because infidelity seems to be the province of the conservatives these days! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to South Carolina, where we at LEAST stick to the subject of articles when we comment.

I know Mrs. Crilley. She is innocent until proven otherwise.

It's eerie that she resembles Mary Kay LeTourneau!!!

People wouldn't be joking about it if it were a 48 y/o man screwing a 14 year old girl.

She undoubtedly MUST have some type of mental disorder. What the H... is she so HAPPY about.

"Felonious carnal relationship" with a 14 year old boy? Gross. I'm 36 and I can't even imagine that, let alone when I'm 48. Even early 20 somethings look too young for me.

btw this is an awesome mug shot for The Smoking Gun's Friday roundup. :D Has anybody sent it in yet??

I have never understood a mature woman's attraction for a teenage boy...that has to be some sort of emotional impairment. I also do not understand why it seems as if the women who do this with minors who have not reached the age of consent are not considered rapists in the same sense that men are. There seems to be a double standard at work here....even in the wording used in the article. "Felonious carnal relationship?" That's rape, pure and simple.

@ SusieB:

I agree. If an underage girl consents to sex it is still called statuatory (sp?) rape. Why isn't this the case with this underage boy?

Bet her hubby is really proud of his Mrs! he must have the heart of a saint to endure this public embarassment at his expense.

What is so sick about this is...She has a 14 year old son. Certain people have suggested that she may have a Mental Illness(according to the comments on the stauntonnewsleader website) However, that ain't gonna fly, if she knew right from wrong..Her husband is GROSS! All those sick endearments he left her on fb. After she was charged...How many husbands are going to do that? Maybe its "catchy". The MI thing.

History you are so right. Gomer you don't know her as well as you think you do.

@Gasbag - while I agree in this day some young boys AND girls would seek out, adults still have a responsibility not to take advantage of a child who for obvious reasons don't have the experience or knowledge of the backlash of such relationships. I am sure you would agree if you found that your teenage daughter was engaged in such a relationship with a 40 year old man.

Lots of teenage boys would probably be quite appreciative of the experience of ââ?¬Å?felonious carnal relationships” and might seek them out?

OK. i agree. But, so do young girls!

I swear everyone has found her guilty and we have not heard all of the story yet. I am just saying what if she did nothing wrong and the boy wanted more and she turned him down and he said that all this happen and it didn't. I am not one to judge until all the evidence is out. I think we all are to quick to convict and then it has happened that we send them to jail to only find out later they did not do it. I hope that we will be able to pray that the truth will come out with out any reasonable doubt, before we convict her. I believe in the power of pray. I for one will be praying for her and her family and the boys family as well that the truth will prevail.

@ Dog and Pony - The discussion is mostly Oh! Oh! Oh! Ooooh!

This is something you'd expect on Springer! So sad :(


I see a made for TV movie. (Maybe an ABC after school special)