Two new eateries in Scottsville

dish-amicisAmici's will join A Slice of Heaven as Scottsville's newest restaurants.

Out Scottsville way there's been a changing of the guard on Valley Street, as A Slice of Heaven and Amici's Italian Bistro have set up shop in the former Pee Wee's Pit Barbecue and Donna's Place locations respectively.

A Slice of Heaven, owned and operated by Scottville economic development director Jim Norwood's daughter, Meghan Norwood, a PVCC student, has already opened.

"The food, service, and ambiance is fantastic," says proud Norwood pšre.

In addition to pizza by the slice, they'll also be serving hamburgers, hotdogs, bbq and daily specials from noon to 8pm Tuesday through Sunday. There will also be a room available soon for birthday parties and private dinners.

Down the way, it's Amici's Italian Bistro, a joint venture between Giuseppe Lentini, who owns Pino's Ristorante Italiano in Dillwyn, and Salvatore Mini, who owns Sal's Italian Restaurant in Fork Union. They'll be serving authentic Sicilian cuisine for lunch and dinner, including pizza, seafood, steaks, salads, sandwiches, and vegetarian dishes. They plan to open sometime this month.



waiting for not-quite-chang,

Did you not see this?

I assume Slice of Heaven does not have or want a liquor license, from your description, but what about the Italian bistro? Will it have beer and wine?

Hey Rick, "oriental" are things, Asians are people. Since you're wondering so much (and if you're not Asian), you should go apply for a wait staff job and see if you get hired.

has anyone ever eaten at Pino's? I've been curious about that spot for awhile.

I have always wondered ... why are there only orientals working at Chinese restaurants? Is there not an open competition for work positions? Do they ignore qualified non oriental Americans looking for work? Are these young oriental girls that wait on patrons some form of slave labor beholden to a mob? Walk into any other restaurant and they follow the law, hiring people regardless of sex, color, creed, etc ... why don't restaurants like the Hibachi grill or China King have to comply with the same laws? Why does they state employment commission or the feds ignore this practice? Just wondering!

Sal's in Fork Union has the best Italian food I've ever eaten. The calamari is to die for.


Amicis will be serving beer and wine, but not for about three weeks, the owners say. They also want you to know that they plan to open this Monday, January 24.


Yo, Dish, how come no news on the new C'ville restaurant that Peter Chang is not quite going to be cooking at? For being our local in-the-know source for Chang updates, you sure are behind the curve. Check out the blog from Access Atlanta last month, and you'll see he's already opened a new place down there (called "Peter Chang's"), and answered an interviewer's questions about his involvement with the rumored Changian restaurant coming to C'ville. In short, Chang won't be cooking here, or sinking an money into whatever moves into the old Wild Greens spot. Instead, he will come up a few times a year to give tech advice to student chefs. Oh well.

Slavin- "The calamari is to die for"- it's friggin' squid!!!! Ever see what squid eats to be squid?

Hey Rick, guess you have never eaten at China Cafe in Scottsville. Not all Chinese restaurants are the same.
At any rate, why are we talking Chinese in a story about pizza?
A Slice of Heaven has a great pizza.

Enjoyed dinner at Amici's in Scottsville tonight. We got there at 5:30, figuring it might be better to get there a little early for dinner. Good thing we did! We got the last table and there was soon people lined up outside waiting for a seat. The food was great and the service was exceptional!

Not impressed with Slice of Heaven. Everyone I've talked to hated the pizza and so did I and my family. It's salty and they put cheddar cheese on it, gross.

Tried Amici's last Sunday and loved it, though I had a feeling I would. I already love Pino's and Sal's.