Soering files: When the DNA test muddies the truth

news-kainesoeringTim "Biscuit Run" Kaine and Jens Soering.

Jens Soering says he's innocent of killing his girlfriend's parents. But he confessed. And his girlfriend confessed to being an accessory. And now the Progress's Tasha Kates has written a story with this shocker: "According to the certificate of analysis dated Sept. 24, 2009, Jens Soering and Elizabeth Haysom were eliminated as contributors to testable DNA samples on the submitted items, which included everything from stains on the floor to a picture on the wall."

Sounds like another pair of innocents railroaded into a false confession, right? Wrong.

This is a case with voluminous evidence that this pair wanted her parents dead and that they had the motive, means, and opportunity. Anyone who read the stories about the case would remember how they bought two tickets to a movie in D.C. and then inexplicably returned their rental car with an extra 500 miles on the odometer. Oh, and then they fled to Europe when investigators began asking questions. And that was before they confessed.

So don't think that there are some other O.J.-esque "real killers" out there. Yes, there's still some tiny doubt over which of the two–- Jens or Elizabeth Haysom–- actually wielded the knife. But any suggestion that the two are innocent of the plot is poppycock.

At the end his term, Virginia governor Tim Kaine tried to send Soering back to Germany, where reports suggested gentle treatment, but incoming governor Bob McDonnell undid the deed.


I followed the trial carefully. It is more than technically possible that Soering is innocent.His defense was incompetent and his lawyer later disbarred. If the Hook wants to do a full feature,it should. Not this glib bit.

Like the dig at Tim Kaine AKA "Biscuit Run".
Anyone in this town thinks Hook management is "Liberal", better hone your tea leaf reading skills.

I'm not gonna try and argue that this pair are innocent, but wow, Hawes! Sermonize much? The lack of objectivity in this piece is astounding. You're not discussing local water here - time to climb down off the soapbox.

Kane is for sale but now he has nothing to sell. Just keep that little weasel in jail for the rest of his life so all his connections overseas won't let him out.

Angel Eyes, you seem to think that if the Hook disagrees with Kaine then the Hook is not liberal?

Kaine bailed out big money developers and tried to send a politically connected murderer back home where they would soon release him.

What's liberal about that?

The Hook is neither liberal nor conservative -we are lucky. They smell a rat no matter what side of the aisle they are on. And for that we should all be grateful. Isn't that what the press is about, to keep the elected official honest, and investigate them when they are not. Unfortunately the other print media in town don't seem to understand this.

With all the noise he makes, you'd think Jens would talk about a polygraph. He won't because he knows he's guilty.