Restaurant Week Buzz: Orzo nearly sold out, plus a special deal

food-roumeliotesOrzo chef Charles Roumeliotes with his signature beet salad.

If you'd like to go to Orzo this week, you better get on it. The West Main eatery only has a few spots left later this week. They've even had to open this Sunday when they are normally closed to accommodate everyone. For those of you lucky enough to have reserved a spot, the folks at Orzo have a treat for you. They'll be handing out cards that allow you to come back anytime in February (except Valentine's Day) for another $26 three-course meal. Sweet!


Probably 6.95. For 30 cents of mex-lin mix and a few slices of beats, a dab of some yellow past, and a little bit of feta.

I do think they are being good business folks though by giving out cards.

Wonder if the owner of Maya is participating, and willing to do what Orzo does, or if he just wants to sit back and complain some more about how is being victmized by the City and their attempts to bring a little order to what Charlottesville calls a 'Music Scene.'

Let's start a betting pool about what they charge for that "signature beet salad".

Orzo always solid. Had a GREAT experience there this week. Lamb Burger...amazing! Fun wine list, great food & service

good deals this week, not great deals. Orzo must spend a lot of money on advertising with the hook.

I took 3 friends for dinner there as a birthday present (their pick). I'm generally unimpressed by fancy presentation restaurant acts and that proved the case with this place. With a few glasses of wine and extra charges for little salads and such-like, I ended up near $200 for 4 people. It wasn't bad food by any means, just not a good value and I wouldn't go back again. I guess I'm too much a meat and potatoes person to appreciate the value in artfully arranged stuff on odd shaped plates. But that seems to get folks a good run of a few years in the the Charlottesville food scene.