Three to seven inches of snow forecast today, tonight

news-stuckVDOTsnowplowA VDOT sand/plow truck stuck in the U.S. 29 median during the December 2009 Snowpocalypse.

The National Weather Service is predicting 2-4" of snowfall today, Wednesday the 26th, with another 1-3" that might fall tonight.

The Service notes that this morning's rain will switch over to snow by early afternoon with the heaviest periods of snowfall occurring from 4pm to midnight–- just in time for rush hour!

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If you view the precipitation headed towards us now on, the rain/snow line is going further south with each passing update. I can believe it will be all snow/ice by the time it gets to us early this afternoon. The only question remaining is whether we will get 2" or 5". :)

Hey, we had warm weather yesterday! :)

According to the regional animated Wunderground map, the snow is almost upon us right now, it's entering the southwest portion of Albemarle County as I type. County schools closing at noon now. And they claim 2" to 4" this afternoon, with another 4" to 6" this evening.

And a little bit of trivia: Contrary to what postal officials want you to believe, this will affect your mail delivery. All of the employees they transferred to the distribution and sorting center 85 miles away when they closed Charlottesville will probably not make it to work tonight, I'm almost sure the carpool vans will not run tonight. The mail you would get on Thursday will be delayed until Friday or Saturday.

SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't believe it. We have been caught in a no precip pocket too many times, with the mountains breaking it apart. Accuweather gives us 1.5 inches. sounds more in line with the patterns. We need the fluid in any form right now. Otherwise we are in for a terrible growing season.

I think you might be a little bit off with your forecast!

The Sky Is Falling! The Sky Is Falling!

Gasbag - say it isn't so!! Here's me wishing for warm weather!!

Going to have to cool down awful fast if we are to see snow. Yesterday hit 50s. We had a rain shower early today, and now a light drizzle.
Do agree that it has been a very dry winter, totally unlike last year. Hope its not a forerunner of another dry spring and summer.


Firebirds, Trans Ams and Camaros pretty much went out of production in 2002. The Camaro was revived by Chevrolet recently though. The last (Firebird) Trans Am I had, a 10th Anniversary Edition, was sold at a Barrett Jackson Auction a few decades ago for twice what I paid for it when new. To answer your question though, the new Camaro I bought recently won't be driven in snow or ice.

That's what I was thinking....who would drive a *Firebird* around in the snow and subject it to the road salt and muddy slush?? Not to mention all the people who don't know how to drive who might play bumper cars with it on the slippery roads?? A Firebird is the sort of car I grew up watching being given away as a prize on like, The Price is Right. :D Not a car you'd try to ruin with mud slush and salt. That puppy would stay in the garage.

Gasbag, like you I am a Wunderground fan, although the last few times Accuweather has skunked them in terms of accuracy. This time, however, there is already 2 inches in Hessian Hills at 6:30pm. and Accuweather DECREASED their forcast from 1.4 to 1.3 inches.


Looks like our storm has fizzled out.

I was hoping for 6" to 10". :)

All of the weather services should be ashamed of their performance in predicting this snowfall!

@Getc. "I was hoping for 6”³ to 10”³. :)"
That's what she said...

I'm so disappointed!!!!!!!!!!

Where's our snow????????????



HAHAHA! The heavy snow just started, pretty much on schedule with the forecast stated above! My wife said it wasn't going to amount to anything either. She's having crow for dinner tonight.

Let it snow!

Gasbag - how does your Firebird handle in the snow?

And it apparently did cool down awfully fast, considering the torrential downpour of ice pellets about an hour ago. Nobody can cry "Chicken Little!" anymore. There's a big old blue, white and fuscia colored mess coming our way from the west, according to the online weather websites. I look forward to the snow! Love going outside and walking around our neighborhood at night when the snow's coming down. It's great! Probably a delayed start to work tomorrow, so I can sleep in a little longer. Can't beat that!

Blobs on a map, moving this way moving that, we may get a little and we may get a lot --NPR weather report--gotta love the poetry

I told you. It never did much. But then, the NWS usually has ahd it right. They are still saying we have more snow coming. It's just too warm to build up a big pile. It just melts. I am glad we got something, but I am tied of being the only place on the east coast that isn't getting snow. I have to deal with all the travel delays flying, I might as well get some of the white stuff.

i see we got 6-10" of incorrect predictions.

10 inches here in the Shen Valley. Woot!!!