Palin calls for Spudnut moment

news-palin-spudnutsHey, what about a Spudnuts moment?

The former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, responds to President Barack Obama's reference to global competition as "our generation's Sputnik moment" in his State of the Union address. In an appearance on Fox News with Greta Van Susteren, Palin suggests that America needs a Spudnut moment, Daily Kos reports. Palin was referring to a family-owned doughnut shop in Richland, Washington, but folks in Charlottesville can have a Spudnuts moment, regardless of political affiliation.

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The moderator lets "MILF" through but I can't write anything more offensive than "darn?"
Oh. Wait. I see.
idkatjamw misspelled it to read 'MIIF.'
So, it's okay, then.

I like her pron.

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she reminds me of market central two pods in a pea whoop hee crawl back into your cave and stay there both you guys are nuts no vote here for palin and no vote here for market central

have you all just given up? ... definitely Pulitzer material here

jeezlouise, let me guess, since we don't like Palin...we must be woman haters. And let me guess further, you're one of those rightwingers who gets all upset because you think we're all calling you racist because you don't recognize Obama's intelligence.

bubba maybe if the truth doctrin was still in place Fox would tell it.Its just that if you tell a lie long enough and to enough people theyll end up beleaving that lie (its called the OJ syndrome)
the bush crime family did it for 8 years .they still think they told the truth (WMDs).If it wasnt for Gerry Ford giving that "Im not a crook" Nixon a pardon Bush would be in jail now and so would Darth vader Chaney.

ahhhh, let's cut the woman some slack. It's not like shes running for president or anything.....

and the world continues to circle cville

shes still just a MIIF no more no less

had i known they would let it go i would have spelled it out correctly . but yes she still is a MILF just as long as she keeps her pie hole shut

stupid women are not sexy.

Where did she go to school? or did she???????

nice try "hoover' if thats your real name. "EssPale" is not a skool-fool! Sarah is seff-tott!!!

Really some edgy debate material here but just one thing keeps me up at night, do The Colon Lady and Mr Wiffle talk shop?

Spudnut Donut Hole.
As in hole.

oh snap!!! oh no you DIII-IIIN'T, Sarah Palin!!!!!!!!!!!! Why isn't this woman president ALREADY?! She is clearly absolutely BRILLIANT!!!

Sure are alot of woman haters on this board.
Pick your knuckles up and shave for goodness sake.

Its the knuckledraggers who love women like Palin and claim women like Hillary Clinton are members of Lesbian Covens.

But you are right, I don't like willfully ignorant women who try and be cutesy and use their body to try and get something accomplished. Neither does my highly intelligent, erudite wife.

Is it me or does "Caribou Barbie "sound like "Ms.Marve Mendenhall"

An oldie but goodie

"Neither does my highly intelligent, erudite wife."

Nice save.

typo....make that... "we can learn all we need to know...". Before you jump down my throat about being an ignorant conservative. I learn all kinds of neat things from libs, like they speak Austrian in Austria ((says Obama) or the three branches of government are the House, Senate and White House (says Schumer).

After Lord Obama completes his takeover of every aspect of our lives, he'll be able to squelch non-believers like Palin and completely eliminate all dissent by banning Fox News. Then we can can all we need (or are allowed) to know from the likes of Chris Matthews. I hope my kids will be eligible for the Obama Brown Shirt Brigade (or do they have to start with the Black Panthers before graduating to the big league?). Gotta go and turn up the thermostat....darn Global Warming.


The truth should always save you. Its a sad fact of life that it doesn't. Usually that occurs because people would rather believe lies, which pretty much describes the right wing. I love intelligent intellectual strong women. That's because they don't scare me or threaten my sens of self or ego. But they do scare the Nuckledraggers. Palin assuages the ego of the Nuckledraggers through her ignorance.


All of you sarcasm would have merit if you did not spend your time supporting those - like Fox news- who have actively squelched dissent, such as the Bush administration. It is the very people you support who forwarded the PAtriot Act, ended Habeus Corpus, tortured, denied US Citizens their rights, told US Citizens they would die if they were unlucky enough to be near a 'terrorist' and a slew of other violations. If only Obama would do half the things you claim he is doing you might have something to complain about, but he doesn't, except for signing on to the PAtriot Act the second time it went through.

What it boils down to, is you are very much afraid that the black man might be able to do to you what you have been doing to anyone who didn't look and think like you for the last 150 years. Frankly, I think its time boys like you got a moment to see what it feels like to not automatically get put to the front of the line. For once, you need to learn how to compete in a market where smart women have a place.

And don't count on Sarah Palin saving you. She didn;t have enough spine to finish her governorship. She's getting lots of money from the Nuckledraggers, and that's all she ever wanted anyways.

@ Old Timer:
Typical liberal crap accusing all who disapprove of Dear Leader's socialist policies of being racist. Normally, 40%-60% of the population disapprove of a sitting President's policies and aren't accused of being bigots. But somehow, when The Chosen One is in office and happens to be black, all who dissent must be bigots. Do you have ANY idea of how idiotic and illogical that claim is?


"Typical liberal crap accusing all who disapprove of Dear Leader's socialist policies of being racist. "

You would have an argument if:

a) Obama were not getting so much flack from his base and those who deem liberals.

b) Obama's policies were actually socialist.

c) Those angry about being called racists are those spending a lot of time dreaming up garbage over birth certificates and whispering the name of 'Muslim,' as if it were somehow 'wrong' for a Muslim to be elected President of the USA where separation of church and state are held dear supposedly.

There is nothing socialist about a health mandate to purchase private insurance from for profit companies.

There is nothing socialist about handing over taxpayer dollars in the form of TARP to private companies operating for profit and paying massive bonuses to employees who ran the company into the ground.

There is nothing socialist about expanding military operations and contining war profits for loser companies like Halliburton.

That is called fascism. Look it up, if you can read.

There is plenty for us to be critical of Obama for, but when it's over the types of Bull that you parade around, from a very certain sector now very threatened with it's automatic hold on economic power, you know exactly where it derives from.

@Old Timer: So apparently you do agree that those who oppose Obama are racists. How many moons orbit the planet you live on?
The government owning GM and set to take over most of the U.S. health system isn't socialist? If not, then nothing is. Czars for this, czars for that. Dictating what light bulbs you can use. The government mandating that you purchase health insurance. Planned and existing restrictions on salt and trans-fats. Next they'll be fining you for flatulence. Better get your brown shirts and jack boots ready if you want to join the ruling elite. The government is always so wonderfully efficient that I'm sure you're just restless with anticipation when the feds run every aspect of your life. Unfortunately for you, there are many Americans who will make sure that never happens by giving the Dems another "shellacking" in Nov 2012.