Snap: Oliver Kuttner plays the Field

news-kuttnerfieldschoolThe Charlottesville-based entrepreneur won the $5 million first prize in a national contest seeking fuel-efficient automotive innovation.

Car-of-the-future inventor Oliver Kuttner talks to students and others at the Field School on Friday night, January 28.

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I'm still waiting for Mr. Kuttner to make good on his offer to dredge our reservoir, but first he'll have to talk his anti-dredge PR man David Brown into giving up his future creep stance against dredging. He just overturned the previous Council plan to dredge and build a modest 13 foot dam, making dredging attractive, and now wants to build a mega dam with no money for dredging. Oliver talk some sense into this man.

"Two years ago, Kuttner helped embarrass local water officialsââ?¬â? who were busily portraying dredging their main reservoir as impossibly expensiveââ?¬â? by offering to dredge for $30 million, a fraction of the quarter-billion one consultant claimed it might cost. ââ?¬Å?It would be a dream job,” Kuttner said. ââ?¬Å?I’ll make so much money.”

"I'll buy a Mud Cat; I'll make lots of money," says contractor Oliver Kuttner, who adds he would dredge for $30 million.

Let's dreg Loch Leigh first, then move to the reservoirs!

surprised Oliver would want to be associated with a loser like Brown!! Dredge!!!

Hear tell Mr. Kutner is getting ready to bail on Lynchburg since it has transpired those rubes down there don't appreciate him...

Great Speaker! Very engaging and inspiring for the children listening :)