UVA embraces Tom Tom

The upcoming Tomtoberfest promises a weekend of innovation, music, food and fun, as the Tom Tom Founders Festival founder, Paul Beyer (center), joined UVA innovation bigwigs Philippe Sommer (left), director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership at the Darden School, and David Touve, Director of the Galant Center for Entrepreneurship at UVA's McIntire School of Commerce, to announce the line-up of the fall festival that takes place September 25-28 in downtown Charlottesville and on UVA Grounds. Among other things, the weekend features a candidate forum on Wednesday September 25, a block party with live music, public art and plenty of food, and the humorously named "Lawnie flash seminars" on Saturday, September 28 in which residents of the Lawn speak on contemporary topics from their rooms. Presumably, they will be fully clothed. For a full list of events visit www.tomtomfest.com.


It is my sincere wish that all the good writers at the hook will band together and create something new and innovative. You guys have all the talent to do so. You could crush the other paper. There is never anything in that thing that anyone would actually want to read.

It is entirely possible that Matt Sorum will bring his plastic drum sticks and bandana to the party.

more fun for overprivileged white hipsters who swoon at the aroma of their own farts. that's all we need in this town. no thanks.

More fun for people who think it's acceptable (or dare I say, hip?) to attack people for being white and well to do. That's all we need in this town. No thanks.