The Hook's Mea Culpa-pedia: i.e. Annual Manual corrections

Maybe it was the summer heat or the quiet of having no students in town lulling our brains to sleep that led us to omit some key players from our recent Annual Manual, but enough excuses! Apologies to all those who were left out or not recognized, and please accept this special Hook Mea Culpa-pedia as a consolation. Meanwhile, we'll take that whetstone to our brains and get back to work.

In our list of smoking-friendly establishments, we listed the wrong Lazy Parrot. It is the Lazy Parrot Grill in the Pantops Shopping Center that invites patrons to light up indoors, not the Lazy Parrot Backyard BBQ, which is also in the Pantops Shopping Center.

On our "People to Watch" page, we list Albemarle Police Chief Steve Sellers as the third police chief since the department was formed in the early 1980s. He is the fourth.


Albemarle Baking Company: What can we say? We've written about this fabulous, home-grown bakery on West Main Street for years. When famed chef Alice Waters came to cook a feast at Monticello, who did she ask to supply the bread? This one hurts, we're afraid, and we just hope we're not denied our delicious morning croissants. 293-6456

National Radio Astronomy Observatory: Okay, like, we have a state-of-the-art facility where brilliant folks build huge telescopes to explore the cosmos at 520 Edgemont Road, and we forget to tell you? No, we are not in league with aliens trying to keep the truth from you; we're just forgetful. 296-0211

Bold Rock Cidery:  When the folks at Bold Rock were building their 11,000 square-foot cider barn in Nellysford last August, we were one of the first to check in with owner John Washburn, and let people know that he was working with famed New Zealand cider-maker Brian Shanks to bring us some of the best hard cider around. But, sadly, when it came time time to put the Annual Manual together, we left them out of the listings. Shame on us. We should be doused in a vat of hard cider. Although, ah, that doesn't sound so bad.  434-361-1030

Shelter for Help in Emergency: Since 1979, this important local non-profit has helped victims of domestic violence in Charlottesville, Albemarle County, Fluvanna, Greene, Louisa and Nelson by offering support, outreach and safe places to stay. Currently, they help about 2,000 people in our area every year. Forgetting this one was inexcusable. 293-8509

Blue Ridge Internetworks: We couldn't bring you our very own website without them, and yet they were nowhere to be found on our list of local internet providers. Talk about taking the technology that sustains you for granted. Sorry BRI! 434-817-0707

Oh, and a shout-out to history buff Fred Dove: An advertisement in the Annual Manual featuring a map of the Corner lists Wertland Avenue. It is Wertland Street, reminds Dove, who grew up there and is frustrated by the continued misstating of the street's name. Thanks for being persistent, Fred!