Blind Date Challenge: Bari and Scott

Hosted by Rapture

Bari is 23 years old, just a smidge over 5 feet tall, and full of energy. The petite dynamo enjoys hiking and other outdoor activities, hanging out with friends, crafting, good food, movies, fitness, traveling, country music, and skiing. A recent Elon University grad, she's currently an internal meeting planner at the CFA Institute and considers her best features to be her confidence and her eyes. Despite her tiny stature, Bari says she is very outgoing and has a loud voice. She’s looking for an honest, funny, smart guy who's tall, but not too tall, has an athletic build and isn't blond. Got that?

Scott, 23, might tower over Bari at 6’5”…and he’s blonde, but Matchmaker's convinced he makes up for that by being handsome and funny, and there's always hair dye, right? Scott is a recent grad from JMU and works in marketing. His hobbies include music, outdoors, “chilling," video games, and hiking. He likes to work out regularly and refers to his “soft eyes” as his best physical feature. He’s looking for an athletic girl who is easy-going, active, funny and smart.

Will they see eye-to-eye on their interests or will height and hair color be dealbreakers?

Did you do anything out of the ordinary before the date, to plan for it?
Bari: Not really.
Scott: Nope…I took a shower and put on clothes.

Were you 1st or 2nd to arrive?
Bari: Second, but I was still on time!
Scott: First…always.

Were you nervous?
Bari: A little bit but not really, I love meeting new people.
Scott: No, I only puked once.

First impression?
Bari: Wow— he’s really tall. And he has very straight white teeth and nice skin.
Scott: Very cute and short.

What was your date wearing?
Bari: A yellow striped button down and jeans with brown shoes.
Scott: A pretty top and pants.

Would you say this person was your type?
Bari: I really don’t have a “type” so sure! He was really talkative and friendly which I liked.
Scott: Yes, she was relaxed, easy to talk with, and very attractive.

What did you order? 
Bari: We shared the beef cheek appetizer and chocolate torte for dessert and I had shrimp and grits for my meal.
Scott: An old fashioned and a steak.

What did you talk about? 
Bari: We talked about our study abroad trips in college, hiking, our jobs, our parents, breweries nearby and specifically the pizza at Blue Mountain Brewery.
Scott: Where we went to college, travel experiences, food, our work, our family, and what we do for fun.

Did you have a lot in common?
Bari: Definitely enough to keep the conversation going!
Scott: We have several things in common: hiking, enjoying good food, exercising (although I don’t do jazzercise), relaxing, and being beautiful people.

What did you find out that was interesting about this person?
Bari: He tries to go hiking every weekend and his dad has written over 20 books! He also went to a rave when he studied abroad in Europe and only owns two pairs of shorts.
Scott: She has been reading the Hook since she was young and has always wanted to be on one of these blind dates…dreams do come true.

Was there anything you really disliked?
Bari: Nope.
Scott: Nope, I had a good evening.

Did your date do anything that impressed you?
Bari: He was very funny. I think it’s impressive when someone can make me laugh out loud.
Scott: She was really chill and nice, and I always enjoy that. 

Was there "chemistry" between you?
Bari: It’s hard to tell after one dinner but it was definitely an enjoyable evening.
Scott: I am not a scientist and for that matter my field of study certainly isn’t chemistry, but I think there might be something there? Only time will tell.

How did dinner end?
Bari: He asked me what I was doing later that evening and then commented that his parking meter was going to run out in 12 minutes.
Scott: With the check.

What was the very end like?
Bari: We exchanged numbers.
Scott: It was like any end…an opening to a new beginning, and I had to leave, because my parking meter was about to expire, ha. 

A hug? A kiss?
Bari: A hug.
Scott: Hug.

Did you have fun?
Bari: Definitely! It was nice to meet someone new, and we definitely could have chatted for longer.
Scott: While it wasn’t laser tag, I still had fun.

Would you see this person again?
Bari: Yeah. He was nice to be around.
Scott: Yes, I believe we are planning on seeing each other again soon.

Overall date experience?
Bari: The date was more fun than I expected it to be and I’m definitely glad that I went. I had a lot of fun!
Scott: Good drink, good food, and most importantly good company.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the date?
Bari: 7
Scott: 8.61

This date has Matchmaker soaring to new heights! If you're single and game for the challenge, e-mail to get Hooked up!