Blind Date Challenge: John and Lawrence

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Lawrence is quite the conservative type. He’s 5’8” and 64 years old with grey hair and a beard. His interests include his miniature Schnauzer, classical music, opera, organ music, nature, spirituality, and going to church. He’s retired now and received a bachelor of music degree from Shenandoah University. Lawrence says his kindness, caring, empathy, and sense of humor make him stand out and his best physical features are his eyes. He’s looking for a guy who is funny, creative, easy-going, and has the same spiritual values as he. “Well-built is always good,” he adds.

John is 66 years old, 6 feet tall, has a completely shaved head and a huge smile. His interests include rail travel, opera, yoga, swimming and Zen Buddhism. He’s a retired Zen priest from the San Antonio Zen Center and a graduate from the City College of New York. He says his height and his cue-ball head make him stand out, but his best features are his legs. He’s looking for a guy who is sociable, can make good conversation, and is easy-going.

Both of these guys love the opera, but will their blind date be more of a comedy or a tragedy?

Did you do anything out of the ordinary before the date, to plan for it?

Lawrence: No
I thought about my personal appearance (attire, grooming etc) much more than usual.

Were you 1st or 2nd to arrive?

Lawrence: I was there first by fewer than 10 minutes.

Were you nervous?

Lawrence: Not really, just enjoying the very different experience.

First impression?

Lawrence: He was older than I expected and had a shaved head. It surprised me.
He was a pleasant enough looking fellow, of an appropriate age and non-threatening.

What was your date wearing?

Lawrence: T-shirt and shorts
He had on a kind of plaid summer shirt and tan chinos.

Would you say this person was your type?

Lawrence: No.
The stuff of my fantasies? No. Someone I could do fun things with? Maybe, but I think I really like more energy coming from the other side.

What did you order? 

Lawrence: Caesar salad and strip steak. It was good.
I ordered the soup de jour and crab cakes for the entree with accompanying house salad. None of the desserts appealed so we both passed on that.

What did you talk about? 

Lawrence: How we both came to be in Charlottesville. Experiences with travel and opera. Former partners.
His dog, our musical tastes, the Supreme Court decisions of the day, life in C'ville (fairly recent for us both), past relationships, and his former professional life (he asked no questions about mine which I'm sure would have surprised him).

Did you have a lot in common?

Lawrence: Yes, rather. Travel, love of trains, and opera.
A fair amount: shared musical tastes, similar travel preferences.

What did you find out that was interesting about this person?

Lawrence: His opera history; classic houses and legendary singers.
He is a trained organist.

Was there anything you really disliked?

Lawrence: I told a story about my church (Episcopal) and he responded with a harrumph or some such.

Did your date do anything that impressed you?

Lawrence: No.
Nothing comes to mind, so I guess not.

Was there "chemistry" between you?

Lawrence: No. I think some of that came from difference in energy and lifestyle. I’m quiet and lowkey and he's much more energetic and planning for travel.
Not really....

How did dinner end?

Lawrence: We passed on dessert and he on coffee. I tracked down the waitress twice regarding the tip; I was ready to go.
He basically decided it was time to go though we were not being rushed at all.

What was the very end like?

Lawrence: We shook hands on the mall. I offered, he accepted, a hug and said goodnight.
He said he had to go look for his car.

A hug? A kiss?

Lawrence: See above.
A handshake initiated by me followed by a hug initiated by him.

Did you have fun?

Lawrence: It was pleasant enough but not fun.
I enjoyed the company and the meal was good.

Would you see this person again?

Lawrence: No.
Yes, although he lives 20 miles away. I live downtown and do not have a car so this is a major obstacle.

Overall date experience?

Lawrence: I enjoyed the restaurant and the food.
Well, it was very lowkey, not very exciting, nothing out of the ordinary.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the date?

Lawrence: 2

Yikes, they could’ve made it snow in June with that date. If you are single and game for the challenge, e-mail to get Hooked up!


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