Blind Date Challenge: Chris and Cassandra

Hosted by: Blue Light Grill

Chris is a 23-year-old self-described good ol’ boy who loves to read and stay active. He’s 6’2’’ and says his height and his positive, outgoing personality make him stand out of the crowd. He graduated from JMU and is currently working for the non-profit organization Habitat for Humanity.

Chris is looking for a preppy girl who's "kind and bubbly," and is active and outgoing, like him.

Cassandra is 22, 5’6”, with long brown hair and an athletic build. She says her positive attitude is her best attribute, and she has varied interests: going out and trying new restaurants, reading, singing, yoga, theater, and watching movies. She’s a high school English teacher who loves kids but isn't sure if she wants her own. “Teaching is the world’s best birth control," she says. "If I do have kids, it will be way later in life.”

Her requirements in a mate: a guy who’s at least 6 feet tall and who is athletic, but not bulging with muscles. He should also be funny, intelligent, well-rounded and independent.

Will two positives solve this love equation?

Did you do anything out of the ordinary before the date, to plan for it?

Chris: Not really.

Cassandra: I checked the menu for the restaurant.

Were you 1st or 2nd to arrive?

Chris: I got there second, but I don’t think she had been there long.

Cassandra: First but only by about ten seconds.

Were you nervous?

Chris: A little, but I think I was more excited than nervous.

Cassandra: Yes. 

First impression?

Chris: She seemed very kind and personable.

Cassandra: He didn’t look like the type of guy I usually date but he was good-looking. He was friendly, introduced himself right away.

What was your date wearing?

Chris: She was wearing a black dress.

Cassandra: White button-up and plaid shorts.

Would you say this person was your type?

Chris: No, while she was very nice I wouldn’t really say she was my type.

Cassandra: I wouldn’t have said so initially, but after some conversation, he seemed a little bit more like my type.

What did you order? 

Chris: She picked out a shrimp appetizer for us to share. I ordered their current fish special.

Cassandra: We had the steamed shrimp as an appetizer. I got the sweet tea brined chicken.

What did you talk about? 

Chris: We talked about a lot. What she did for a living and her hobbies and interests.

Cassandra: Education, racing, Charlottesville, travel, food allergies, and myriad other things.

Did you have a lot in common?

Chris: We had a few things in common.

Cassandra: Some stuff. We both enjoy spending our time in Charlottesville, and we both race. He does triathlons and I run ultras.

What did you find out that was interesting about this person?

Chris: She likes to race ultra-marathons.

Cassandra: He had never been on a blind date before.

Was there anything you really disliked?

Chris: She lives out in Culpeper, which is a bit too far away for me. Also, throughout the entire date she didn’t ask any questions to get to know me. I don’t think she would have known what I did for a living or any of my hobbies if it hadn’t come up while talking about her.

Cassandra: Nope.

Did your date do anything that impressed you?

Chris: I was impressed and a little surprised that she has a shellfish allergy and agreed to go to a seafood restaurant!

Cassandra: He talked about his sisters, which I liked.

Was there "chemistry" between you?

Chris: Unfortunately, no. Like I said earlier she was really nice, but I didn’t feel anything special.

Cassandra: The conversation flowed well, and I would not mind getting to know him better.

How did dinner end?

Chris: After we finished, we stayed for another 30 minutes or so talking before we decided to head out.

Cassandra: We exchanged numbers.

What was the very end like?

Chris: Nothing awkward. We exchanged numbers and talked about maybe meeting up next time she was in town.

Cassandra: We left the restaurant. I was parked right around the corner, so we stood outside and talked for a little bit. 

A hug? A kiss?

Chris: Ended with a hug goodnight!

Cassandra: Hug.

Did you have fun?

Chris: Of course, I always enjoy getting to know new people!

Cassandra: Yes, I did.

Would you see this person again?

Chris: Probably not.

Cassandra: Yes, I would.

Overall date experience?

Chris: Overall, it was an alright date experience.

Cassandra: It was a good date; the conversation felt natural. He seemed nice, and it was a pleasant way to spend my evening. 

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the date?

Chris: 6

Cassandra: 8

It ended on a positive note, but looks like the chemistry wasn’t quite right for this duo. If you're single and game for the challenge, e-mail to get Hooked up!