Corrections: Cover and back-page forehead slap

Due to a contagious and hopefully short-lived myopia that swept the Hook offices last week, our cover bore several errors. As most of you already know, and as the Hook staff has now learned the hard way, we are in the year 2013, not 2012. Furthermore, the Biscuit Run story so proudly touted on last week's cover and yet so noticeably absent from that issue's pages is, as you now will have seen, this week's cover story. A last minute story swap resulted in the error. And finally, the words "weigh in" should not be hyphenated when used as a verb.

On our back page, the essay on the Boston Marathon bombing bore the wrong byline. It was written by esteemed writer and frequent Hook contributor Janis Jaquith.

We sincerely regret the errors.

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