Video Special: Tom Tom Festival round-up

The Tom Tom Festival is still going. Indeed, a reporter hears jazz plating right outside his window. But videographer Anwar Allen has already covered some of the action. Enjoy!


So, what do people think of Tom Tom?


Does anyone other than me think that Tom Tom is a very stupid name?

Agreed. In fact, it sounds vaguely racist. I have never bothered to read enough to find out about the purpose of the event due to the moniker.

OK that name really bugs me too because it's inane. But you gotta give Beyer credit for making a nice event happen, so I try to stifle my righteous indignation because it really doesn't matter that much.

Agreed. In fact, it sounds vaguely innocuous.

A festival named for Thomas Jefferson seems guaranteed to fail, especially one honoring his birthday.

Frankly who gives a shit? No one.

Has Tom Tom GPS issued cease-and-desist yet for using a trademarked name?