Speedy: Court no-show leads to candidate arrest

The Democratic primary is still two months away, and already one of the City Council contenders has run afoul of the law. Wesley Bellamy announced his candidacy March 6; on March 27, he had a press conference to announce it was the clerk's fault he was arrested for failing to show up in court.

Bellamy, 26, a computer teacher at Albemarle High and founder of a mentoring/boxing organization called Helping Young People Evolve– HYPE– was the first of two African-American men to declare their candidacy in the oft-white field of council contenders.

In the midst of collecting coats for HYPE and being tapped into the League of Extraordinary Black Men on a website called theblackmancan.org, Bellamy has also accumulated a few traffic tickets.

"I'm quite sure Wes Bellamy lives in the city and is qualified to run," says Nix. "I don't think he's made a false statement."

"I paid my dues," says Grady. "Once you start paying those fines, it's costly."

And as a math teacher and track coach, Grady was also motivated to change his driving style. "You can't do that and be a role model," he says.

As for the other Dem candidates for council, incumbent Kristin Szakos picked up a 45mph-in-a 25mph ticket in 2009; Bob Fenwick failed to obey a highway sign in 2007 and was cited for no registration in 2012, and UVA grad student Adam Lees shows no traffic violations in Charlottesville and Albemarle court records.