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If you notice people walking around with their belts undone and a glazed expression on their faces over the next week, there's a perfectly reasonable explanation: Restaurant Week kicks off on January 21, and there's no better time to check out a new place– or revisit an old favorite. Thirteen of this town's top spots are on board, and a perusal of these pages is sure to get your stomach growling.

Dead or alive
It's week one of the General Assembly's legislative session, and the Hook's keeping track of what our state reps are up to. Find out which of this year's more colorful bills are dead and which are still alive.

Cabin fever
A log cabin minutes from town offers charm and comfort on seven acres, but is it fit for a family?

Keep the tax
Governor Bob McDonnell wants to cut Virginia's gas tax, and for drivers feeling the pinch at the pump, it might initially seem appealing. Not so fast, argues Randy Salzman, who says if McDonnell's tax cut goes through, we'll all suffer.

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