You can't beat Grisham!

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Is it safe to ask this here?
My old mother enjoys Grisham's stories, and every time I buy her a new one I try to read it, but for me it's like a snow plow putting it's blade down on dry pavement. I don't get this with other authors.
Does anyone else find him unreadable?

Erica --


He is a step above Patterson, but only just these days. But hey, any culture that keeps 'The Bacholor" or "Glee" on TV is bound to find his writing just down to their standards of entertainment. You want a good mystery writer, well PD James, Tana French, RJ Ellory, Ian Rankin, Gillisn Flynn, Reed Farrel Colman are a nice starting point. Alas JG fan, the books will prolly be too long, too much depth of character, too complicated a plot and with a wealth of good writing.

Erica, I find his writing unreadable - but more importantly, I find the way he occasionally prances into local government hearings to spew his progressive mess even more intolerable. I'm surprised he can fit through the door with that bloated ego of his. I would be delighted if he would move somewhere else.

Wow you guys are harsh. Grisham's books are fun entertainment, and I think it's cool that he lives here. Quit being such snobs, it gives our town a bad rep.

A good citizen isn't just someone you agree with. I think it was admirable that Grisham has involved himself with local issues instead of thinking he is above it all. The man pays a bunch of taxes, his voice is just as important but not more important the rest of us. I don't agree with his political views much of the time but I'm happy he calls this town home and strives to make his view known.

Grisham and his wife have given back much more then many other of the rich and famous and I think this area is better for them being here.