Corrections: Gender, trash math, minority recruitment

There are several corrections or clarifications from the January 10 cover story, "Missing: Inside the Dashad Smith investigation."

•The Hook primarily referred to Smith's friend Kash Carson as "she" but used "he" in several places. Carson is a gay man and is not transgendered but prefers to be referred to as female.

•The proper name for the citizen council created to improve communication between police department and citizens is the Citizen's Advisory Panel.

•The 3,000 cubic yards of trash was within an area Charlottesville Police Sgt. Marc Brake estimated to have been 100 by 100 feet by 20-feet deep.

•The article states Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo and a member of the Citizen's Advisory Panel have already visited Virginia universities to recruit minorities. Those visits will begin this spring.

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You may want to revisit the math again.

A 10-foot by 10-foot hole (100 square feet), 20 feet deep, as you describe, would hold 74 cubic yards. That leaves the other 2,953 cubic yards of trash sticking up out out of the hole, in a pile 800 feet tall.

By comparison, the Washington Monument is 555 feet tall, but considerably wider at the base.

@Hawkins. Oh, the indignity of a correction to a correction. I knew there was a reason I like words better than numbers. The area Sgt. Brake described was 10,000 square feet (100 ft. x 100 ft.) by 20 feet deep-- 200,000 cubic feet or roughly 7,400 cubic yards. The 3,000 cubic yards of trash was within that space. I've fixed it above and thanks for pointing it out.--Courteney Stuart