Have you ever been accused of something?

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I got accused of something major. It had been 2 months since I had quit working at a cell phone store when 2 cell hones went missing. I was accused of taking them because I had visited the store earlier that week. I was charged with 2 counts of embezzelment, even though there was no evidence just hearsay. I was terrified and couldnt afford an attorney, so I took a court appointed. Although I did not commit the crime, it was his advice to plead guilty to avoid any jail time, so I did. Big mistake. I cant get a job, and I am looked at as a thief for something I never even did! Come to find out the employee who finger pointed me out, ended up being charged with fraud, identity theft, and credit card theft that same month. It was too late though, and I had to endure 7 years probation, over 1000 in restution and the shame of having it on my record. I try to explain the story at job interviews, but they look at me like yeah right.

I was 12 when my grand mother accused me and friend of stealing ten dollars from her purse. From that day forward I really had no love for my grand mother I could not understand why she would say such a thing it truly changed me as a person I can easily admit doing things wrong but accuse me of something I did not do and my anger level goes to 10 instantly.

The title should be "Have you ever been falsely accused of something?"

My answer would be YES too.

But I hired good competent attorneys and fought back. It's not always about whether a person actually committed a crime or not. Very often it involves the police making silly mistakes in their haste to solve a crime(s). Take a look around at how many people are being cleared of crimes now based upon DNA testing, people who have already spent 15 to 20 years in jail for crimes they never committed.

The Bobbie who commented above, I believe every word he/she has said here. A good criminal knows how to set up others to take the fall. Had he/she had the money to hire a good competent attorney, I imagine the outcome would have been quite opposite of what it was.

Maybe Bobbie and Gassie can go to therapy and have a hug after a good cry.

My therapy was suing those involved. And prevailing in said lawsuits.

Thanks for your concern though.

You are right Bobbie, with a larceny conviction on your record you will never have a decent job. Public Defenders are a joke, you get what you pay for....I have been accused of a lot of stuff, but I got through it. No hard feelings as it balances out against all the other stuff I have gotten away with.

Of being arrogant, and I don't understand why the little people feel that way.

I was accused and questioned by Albemarle Co. Police at my workplace, of using a fraudulent credit card to purchase booze at Pantops ABC Store. I was "positively ID'd" they said!

I was accused of using a fradulent credit card to purchase booze from the Pantops ABC Store. I was questioned at my workplace by Albemarle Co Police and was told I had been "positively ID'd". Not true!

Yeah, I knocked over an apple cart once, what of it? It was the depression. I was depressed.

But of course -- ! He looked me in the eye and he said -- But I never -- ! But they, they, they, they had the nerve, they did -- ! Such a thing -- they said -- ! About MOIS -- ! Even this moment, in the heart of my belly is where I still feel the pit of the pain, the poison arrow, the arrogant ACCUSER -- ! Nay, from this hour I ordain myself loos'd of limits and imaginary lines. Zeider zee, zeider zum, I am done --

Glad to know someone else knows how I feel. I do not believe in our justice system at all after that. I have done everything I can to outweigh the bad, but its never enough, and jobs Id know I would surely get, I dont because of the false charges. It was my fault for listening to my attorney, but I thought I was doing the best I could with the situation, I didnt want to go to jail! Sorry that others have had to go thru similar situations, it can be life altering.

To whoever made a smart comment, I dont need counseling, I have empowered myself, but yeah thanks for the concern!

Slow news day? I have no idea what this "question of the week" is supposed to accomplish. Why not just ask "Have you ever sneezed before?" Probably the most pointless thing I've seen from this publication.

One time some mafiosos from New York left a message on my grandfather's answering machine threatening to cut off the balls of whoever did whatever to them, but they had the wrong Giuliano's (I think). It was strongly insinuated by my father that I had something to do with this (think it was an unpaid loan or something like that). He didn't seem to believe me when I denied it either and it was very hurtful and insulting. I slept at my brother's house that night scared that somebody was gonna break into my apartment and chop off my balls!

When I was a junior in high school, I was accused of throwing firecrackers in school and having illegal drugs. I was guilty of neither. But I walked out of high school never to return. Fortunately was able to enter Georgia Tech the next year without finishing highschool.

My real crime was that I had long hair, and the high school prinipal was a bully.

My high school teachers told my parents they thought I was using illegal drugs too. I wasn't. They get paid with taxpayer dollars to slander their students.

I used to answer the phone while asleep. That got me accused of doing drugs for a long time, because I'd slur and mumble alot.

Long ago in the small town I grew up in, I was home from college for Spring Break. While on a walk late at night, I stumbled upon a burglary in progress at a small store near where my parents lived. The burglars fled leaving a big stack of loot they had carted out to the nearby road (mostly cases of beer and cigarettes). So I went to the shopkeeper's house nearby and woke them up to advise them of what was happening. The next day a cop came by and said the Chief wanted to talk with me down at the station so I went with him and talked with the Chief, but he kept asking me the same questions over and over, just formulated differently each time and it finally dawned on me that I was there not to help the police, but was instead being interrogated as a suspect!!

When confronted by me with the hopelessly illogical nature of the premise that I would burglarize the store and then go wake the shopkeeper, he did back off, but it left a permanent impression of what numb-nuts cops can be.
I have also been accused of being an a%$ho&% from time to time, and have at times been forced to plead guilty.....

I was accused of being a real jerk just a couple days ago and I admitted it shamelessly!