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Grief and suspicion
Two years after Orange teen Samantha Clarke disappeared, her family still desperately wants answers, and they think Randy Taylor may have them. Police do, too. Taylor, however, says he's an innocent man who's been unfairly targeted and harassed in an investigation that's heading down the wrong path.

Robot and Frank is a touching tale of an elderly burglar slipping into dementia and a robot who just might help him carry off one last heist. It's an "intriguing set-up," says Roger Ebert, but does it work? 

As the Crows fly
It's been two decades since Counting Crows last flew into Charlottesville, and lead singer Adam Duritz promises he's ready to deliver old favorites like "Mr. Jones" and newer fare from their latest album, Underwater Sunshine. 

Ordering pizza is fun. Trying to split the tab between five people who all want to pay their own way? Not so much. Enter a new app, created by a UVA undergrad, that could put an end to the IOU between friends. 


Cover (of this 48-page issue):
Randy Allen Taylor, who alleges official harassment, and images of Samantha Ann Clarke and her mother, Barbara Tinder.
–photos by Lisa Provence

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