Free Springsteen: Boss rocks Obama vote with free concert

A music superstar already in town for an arena show decided to rock the Central Virginia electorate by giving a free Tuesday afternoon solo acoustic concert in the nTelos Wireless Pavilion. Announced just two days prior, the October 23 event will feature Bruce Springsteen strumming songs and touting an incumbent president. For the mere hassle of filling out a short form at the downtown campaign headquarters of President Barack Obama, would-be concert-goers can snare a pair of free tickets– while supplies last. No loyalty test required.

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Old people.

Funny that most people believe that the super rich support Romney when in fact many particularly in the entertainment business are Obama supporters. Stems from the fact that if you have that kind of money you can afford to APPEAR generous and giving for the greater good. Gains you a lot of points in society.

"Nuns run bald through Vatican halls, pregnant, pleading immaculate conception"

"And everyone down on mainstreet is ripped from drinking that holy blood"

County Farmer prune juice will cure what ails you.

I thinks those are lyrics to the song by Springsteen, "Jimmy the Saint"

This is for a bunch of has-been baby boomers. Bring the prune juice and and Pampers for the incontinent.
Losers. Film at 11 to prove my point. Nobody gives a s... about Springsteen and what he stands for. Which is what??

Boy remy, you're a class act

Has been Boomers for Barack!
When I'm out in the street, I'll walk the way I want to walk!
When I'm out in the street I'll talk the way I want to talk!
When I'm out in the street, I'll vote the way I want to vote!
No retreat, Baby blue, No surrender!
I prefer Cranberry juice.

I thinks those are lyrics to the song by Springsteen, "Lost in the Flood"

I thinks those are lyrics to the song by Springsteen, "Lost in the Flood".

sorry for the repeated message, This happens with we has beens from time to time. I frankly, can't wait to see Bruce twice tomorrow. R.I.P. Clarence and Danny, , I'm looking forward to a Tenth Avenue Freeze out!

That is always a reason to vote for someone...... Bring in the clowns.........

"Born in the USA", with a big question mark may be very compelling.

I think their time would be better spent reading President Obama's books..... They are very telling and in his own words.

Perhaps "Born in the USA" would be a good one to start and finish with.....

Now if those who are supporters, should spend the time reading hi s books rather than going to a gathering that will tell you nothing....

I see old people

Well we may be old, and in the way. But, honestly, we didn't like you very much before we had you, and we like you less now. You are kind of mean to old folks, and I fear it will get worse from the entitled generation, before it gets better.. But what Springsteen and Obama speak of is hope, to an entitled generation who have little hope, plenty of expectation, and very few, if any solutions.

Bruce is one of few who actually has meaningful lyrics. Today's music will not be remembered.

Bruce is the Boss.

I've got plenty of solutions, get the fluoride out of the water, ban GMO immediately, ban BPA and plastic food containers immediately, ban aluminum cans, ban food colorings and titanium dioxide, sodium silicoaluminate, etc, ban aerosol and particulate spraying, ban vaccines, get rid of public schools, get rid of governement health care legalize raw milk, ban delphi-technique trained CIA assets working for NPR, ban public service announcements, impeach the President for high treason for accepting the appointment of Head of the United Nations Security Council while serving as President of the United States, without Congressional approval, throw him in a jail cell with John Corzine, Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein and throw away the key, do the same with the Rothchilds and Saxe-Coburg-Goethe-Windsors and Rockefellers (for starters), take all their money and assets, destroy their financial computer systems and their robotic drone army systems, send out Seals, Frogs, and Delta Force teams to locate any underground bases they and may try to retreat to if they flee or are already in hiding , etc. etc. That's probably a lot to hope for all at once but it's the kind of hope I'm looking for in a President. Not that they can't just scoot to the dark side of the moon if they want to, but we can pursue them to through the galaxy if we get hold of their technology.

I never liked Springsteen. He has an awful voice and an obviously awful choice in those he aligns himself with.

I never liked Springsteen. He has an awful voice and an obvious awful choice in those he aligns himself with.

Just one more solution to add - create a giant government funded tangy tangerine and pollen burst factory to make free Beyond Tangy Tangerine and Pollen Burst supplement drink mixtures for every American citizen, and force them to take it every day with tangy tangerine enforcers dressed in TSA uniforms who taze anyone who doesn't take their tangy tangerine. This will solve at least 90% percent of all health problems people have within a generation because the vast majority of health problems are caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies and tangy tangerine has 90 vitamins and minerals. Count them - Ninety!

Okay Bobby, sing us a tune in a way better voice, that inspires a generation that was born to run.

The local Bobby is a better singer, songwriter, and guitarist than Bruce. And Bruce never smashed my guitar and then fixed it

@ somebody, you've created more questions than solutions. How do we do any one of those things?

I am going to the Pavilion tomorrow. I like Bruce and the president. I hope is a nice day. Is everyone who posts on this website

Who cares. A has been, trying to make a useless point politically. Musicians should stick to music. I've seen him when he was a nobody playing in clubs in AC. He has lost my respect a very long time ago. Count your money and go back home to Jersey Bruce.

Bruce never inspired any generation. He played music, some people liked it, some did not. All one needs to do is examine where the '60s hippies are today to find out the fraud that was "peace and love." They are today's capitalists; Bruce included. Like Obama, I would bet my mortgage that Bruce's accountants slice off all the deductions they can for him to take advantage of lower taxes. Obama paid a 20% tax rate when he should be in the 28% bracket, but he took advantage of deductions to lop off the 8%. If folks like the prez and Springsteen are so worried about the plight of man, why did the prez make hundreds of thousands off of book deals and Brouchebag Springsteen charge three figures for tix to his shows?
Shut up and sing already, Bruce. And if you're so confident in government's ability to solve all our problems, why don't you write a big check to the Treasury?

P.S.: Ricky Rosay is the real Boss!

R.I.P.: Bobby Rosengarten

"had a wife and kid in Baltimore Jack,

I went out for a ride and I never went back

they gave her section 8 to pay for her home

obamacare and an obamaphone

Everybody has a hungry heart, everybody has a hungry heart,

but at least free food from obama will fill up the grocery cart

so the only thing she'll have is a hungry hearrrrrrrt..........

"don't know what I am doin or where I am goin,

but one things for sure is I san;t go home

cause If I do they will cut out the free shxt

and Ill have to get a job to pay for my own dam kids...

everybody has a hungry heart, everybody has a hungry heart,

but as long as obama borrows from china to fill the grocery cart

all i'll have is a hun hun hungry heart...........

Out in the street, we can start by believing we can do these things. The ol "yes we can". And we can take away Mitt Romney's hair dye and then Ron Paul will be well on his way to become the next President overnight.

LOL. This article really brought the "crazy" out.

I have never been one to throw in the towl but I expect we better get ready to say POTUS Mitt Romney.I have never seen people switch like they have.Just four years ago my entire family voted for Obama.This time they are all in the Romney camp.

County Farmer,

The reason why a large number of media types,musicians and artists would support an Obama is because they know what it's like to:
1) Have to start at the bottom
2) Did not grow up with daddy providing tons of money and contacts
3) Are real entrepreneurs, understanding marketing and selling a product
4) Oh, and pay the highest rate of taxes -far higher than Romney - because ticket sales' profits are earned income, not written off as 'investment' income, even when it's not.

In other words, they know what it means to actually do something and contribute. It's the financial losers and inherited wealth who think Romney's hip, because they don't believe they should actually have to work for a living.

@Old Timer...
I don't know where to start with this silly oversimplification. Explain to me why so many country music stars lean to the right. Did they not "start at the bottom?" Real entrepreneurs? Come on...they are ripped off daily by a corrupt record industry that exploits artists. Do you think they package and market themselves (especially in the beginning of their professional careers)?
And I am happy to hear you have access to the tax returns of Springsteen, Matthews, Streisand, et. al. to know they pay a higher tax rate than Romney.

Let's say, for argument's sake, that Romney carries 52% of the vote and Obama 47%. Are you saying that most of those 52% voters had everything handed to them and thus supported Romney?

R.I.P.: John Lee Hooker

Or the other side of that coin is

1) They were born on third base talent wise and does not realize thats not all that different than being born into money.
2) They were at the right place at the right time when someone else with investment capital recognised the potential and put money at risk on their behalf/ (you know.. that whole "creating jobs" things that a good businesses climate fosters)
3) Are led to believe that their much admirable talents and the easy money that rolls in with it is actually "earned" like the blue collar workers they like to sing about or portray in a movie.
4) Oh, and they write off their tour busses, guitars, massueses, wardrobes, hotel parties, and entourage of friends on the payroll, and then put thier excess funds into the caymans or if they are brits becomes US citezens to avoid the high taxes of the UK.

In other words they live the life they dreamed of because rich people invested in America since its inception creating the most unprecedented standard of living in the world which allows people to pay 100 bucks for a ticket to see a guy from New Jersey shoot his mouth off about things he knows little about; encouraging them to vote for Obama so that no one can afford to put money at risk to dethrone the "boss" until he retires to the Jersey Shore and hangs with the other liberals from Jersey like Snooki and her "born rich" illegitimate child.


I am not the one who started the analogy, County Farmer right winger did. You just proved why his comments of being victimized by the liberal media, and liberal Hollywood, and liberal entertainment industry are so much bosch. Though I don't know that the Dixie Chicks find a bit of common sense out their so called country background.


you really just can't stop that talking point knee jerk reaction can you? I won't argue the questionable talent of someone like Snookie, but the comment about rich people investing initially in folks like Springsteen is again, more bosch. Springsteen ain't no American Idol karoke singer, any more than Mick Jagger was some drug addict who got lucky with a couple of guys in the garage. IN fact, I bet Jagger knows not only a lot more about the music industry in his pinkie than you ever will, as well as economics. You do realize he is a graduate of the London School of Economics, right?

As for shooting mouths off without knowing frick all about things, I suggest you should look in the mirror.

Unprecedented standard of living? Sure, if you are a boomer like you are, living off of the invesment of previous generations - you know when marginal tax rates were much higher - and then refusing to contribute through much lower tax rates,wile sucking the SS pools dry, leaving nothing for those to follow. Sure, that bubble has been great, but it just popped in 2008, before Obama, and will continue it's way down for following generations, and nothing Mitt Romney or Ryan can do will change that. Of course, they don't want to change that. They got theirs.

". IN fact, I bet Jagger knows not only a lot more about the music industry in his pinkie than you ever will, as well as economics. You do realize he is a graduate of the London School of Economics, right? "

So I guess we can add Mick jagger to the list of people who have more knowledge of economics than Obama.....

So do you think the Rolling Stones have their CDs printed in China? Was that a "smart" business decision or should we villify Mick and the boys for outsourcing?

Bruce is one of few who actually has meaningful lyrics.Hi's sing very well and his voice awesome.I like Bruce.

GREAT show last night.

Obama has lost the race here in Va and mostly likely in several other swing states.In 2008 my entire family voted for Obama.This time they will all vote for Romney and they are very excited to do so.This should be a lesson to all candidates in the future when you promise something make sure you can make it happen.Just four years ago my community was full of Obama signs now its a sea of Romney signs.

I think Bruce reads the Hook! He did play that obscure tune from his first album "Lost in the Flood" last night. It was great! Nice work, Jimmy the Saint!
By the way the show was great, and 1500 fans were treated to a very fine evening of rock & roll. For the haters, please stop hating!

You mean ~14,000 right?

And it was great. Springsteen twice in one day!