Cool quotient factor in Fry's Spring sale



Shiflett Farm LLC to NVR, Inc., 517 Jonna Street, $100,000           

Octopus Property LLC to Lucian P. & Olwen M. Fabiano, 320 Riverbend Drive, Unit 1B, $115,000           

Charles M. Tyler to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1358 Villa Way, Unit B, $151,307           

Betty A. & John E. Brooks, Jr. to Paul E. Howard, Jr. & Kelly A. Robins, 3043 Colonial Drive, $170,000           

Woodlands of Charlottesville LLC to Brittany Nicole Kerr, 1635 Elmwood Court, Unit 202, $177,500           

Rachel Marie Rodenhizer to George H. Phillips & Patricia L. Asuncion, 1220 Gazebo Court, $187,000           

Donald E. Martin to Jon R. & Cindy P. Zug, 2415 Huntington Road, $290,000           

John F. & Natalie N. Bell to Zachary & Lisa Rogoff Dietch, 322 N. Bennington Road, $320,000           

David C. & Gail E. Wasulko to George M. & Lynn M. Mcdaniel, 2981 Cove Trace, $470,000           


Elizabeth Higgins to Lattitude 38, LLC, 310 Palatine Avenue, $62,000

Christopher & Angela Worley to Taylor A. Von Herbulis, 111 Harris Road, $180,000

David & Katia Dianna Brandenberger to Ivan & Adrienne N. Gardner, 103 Village Court, $240,000

William Lapham & Stefanie Newman to Justin Storer & Katherine Morgan-Storer, 1007 St. Charles Avenue, $250,000

Lindsey & Douglas Copeland, III to Jeffery & Emily Grandstaff Owen, 883 Locust Avenue, $375,000



Woodbriar Associates to NVR, Inc., 4547 Briarwood Drive, $87,000           

Weather Hill Homes Ltd. to The Pines at Liberty Hall LLC, TM 56f2-1-42. Unit C, Liberty Hall Land Condos. $200,000           

Carl B. Frye, Jr. to Carl B. & Nancy D. Frye, 2233 Wakefield Road, $215,000           

Florence Morrisette to James E. & Pauline K. Cushman, 529 Pebble Hill Court.  $255,000           

Steven J. Schroeder to Federal National Mortgage Association, 6923 Jefferson Mill Road, $258,207           

Piedmont Realty & Constructon LLC to Johanna Cresson, 2090 Avinity Loop, $278,484           

Gracie A. Haines to Charles T. Kirchmaier To Jennifer L Crawford, 2695 Powell Creek Drive. $330,000           

Audrey H. & A.H. Michie, Jr. to Andrea C. McCurry, Trustee; Andrea C. McCurry Revocable Trust, 631 Taylors Gap Road, $425,000           

Michael J. & Penny N. Phelan, Trustees of the Phelan Living Trust to J. Courtlandt & Tammye Delk Van Clief, 354 Harrison Street, $514,000           

Martha L. & Ernest H. Mueller to Thomas R. Foster & Laahn Ho, 1050 Old Garth Road, $575,000           



Belvedere Station Land Trust to SHR9 LLC, .12 Acres, 062G0-01-03-03900, Lot 39, Phase 1, Belvedere, $120,000           

Rita M. Reid to Ellen Macavoy, 959 Warwick Court, $131,000           

Dian B. & William C. Brent, Jr. to Christopher R. Pokrana, 2499 Trainers Lane. $145,955           

Nancy W. Arnette to Caroline Pfister, 1208 Partridge Lane, $175,000           

William E. Hamrick to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 1051 Glenwood Station Lane, Unit 107, $204,673           

Robert L. & Vickie M. Nicely to Michael S. Bell, 6.09 Acres, 04400-00-00-020f0, $225,000           

Mark A. & Jennifer R. Fontenot to Gregg S. & Debra L. Early. 2485 Redbud Lane, $454,000           

Douglas L. & Sallianne Whitman to Mark A. & Jennifer R. Fontenot, 2285 Whippoorwill Road, $475,000


Josephine Adamson to Patrick Burton & Latisha Hayes, Parcel 41A057100, .33 acres, St. Annes Road, $150,000

Jay Malcolm & Asha Depolo Dicharry to Christopher & Graelyn Brashear Seiz, 234 Monte Vista Avenue, $298,000

John R. & Cindy P. Zug to David A. & Jennifer A. Hendrick, 104 Grover Court, $330,000

5th & Water Streets LLC to Upwind Holdings LLC, 107-119 5th Street SE, $2,425,000



Bank of America to Zekhrali & Gulchekhra Urushanova, 1538 Broad Crossing Road, $195,200           

William M. & Candace C. Maupin to Gary M. & Tavia M. Dillon, 1333 Mccauley Street, $285,000           

Richard D. & Lori R. Stevenson to David R. & Stacy H. Cooper, 1620 Sagewood Drive, $315,000           

NVR, Inc. to Lisa A. & David E. Tungate, Jr., 5518 Summerdean Road, $326,241           


What a rip-off! Are u kidding me? $300,000 for that....maybe they added some ceiling fans to their new addition.

I lived just down the street- I agree is a pretty unique house, and the modern addition on back is quite big. I would not have paid $300k for it, but it only takes one buyer.