Historians and locals spend considerable energy asking what would Jefferson do (WWJD)? Jefferson aids that pursuit by his meticulously catalogued writings. Jefferson has been called the epicurean president, the first foodie. These people visited Monticello last weekend for the 6th annual Heritage Harvest Festival, with Monticello as classroom. But hey, the people are hungry, so Monticello gets a food court. With the line to Matt Rohdie’s trailer 20 people deep, my unscientific count crowned Carpe Donut king of the mountain.

Commentator Bill Emory puts up a new photo nearly every day at billemory.com/blog.


Did Jefferson eat donuts ?

The Donut guy says he uses Local Organic eggs. I would like to know where he gets his Local Organic eggs.

This town is more hooked on "Local and Organic" than people were hooked on Crack in the 80s.

My eggs come from a chicken. I think that is organic enough.

I am sure that both Buzz bomb and County resident buy all of their food at Wal Mart and complain about where have all of the jobs gone.

It's a great photo, and the facilities on Mr. Jefferson's Mountain are far better than they used to be. And he still gets mentions in football games... in spite of the holier-than-thou UVA insiders who sneer at anyone who does not have a star on his belly.

No, I haven't set foot in a Wal-Mart in over 10 years. I just don't buy into all the local and organic hype. I know where the Jobs have gone.... overseas. Thanks, Dubya!

WWJD?Mister Jefferson would have slaves do his work. This is the ultimate problem (aside from his being highly overated as an original thinker) with Jeff. We can concede all the problems any Virginian of that period would have freeing his slaves yet the it was, on option.And, if anybody wonders,that's why I,a descent of Lee, Berkeley, Carter and all those men , am no great fan of any of them. yeah lighten up this is a fun article,...

OLD MAN said: "Mister Jefferson would have slaves do his work"

In 200 years, people will be dissing us even worse for our compromises with an evil system than Jefferson gets for his compromises.

Hell, at least Jefferson hated slavery, a system he inherited. On this site, I see a whole lotta love for the current evil.

Jefferson hated slavery,yet did not free any of his, unlike George Washington.Washington provided for most of his slaves to be freed after his death, and the rest after Martha's.
A man of contradiction indeed.Kind of like Bill Clinton and women. Who strongly supported women's issues, yet treated some of them badly in his personal life.

No Sally Hemmings comments? Get a sense of humor folks.

"I just don't buy into all the local and organic hype. I know where the Jobs have gone.... overseas."

Thinking about "local" in general wouldn't help change that jobs thing?