Ain't we lawless?

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Perhaps one day this cartoonist will make me laugh- this is not the day

I grow increasingly tired of this cartoonist's "hillbilly" and "white trash" stereotypes. Does anybody really think this is funny anymore? How about "Old Zip Coon" or "Jump Jim Crow." Are they still funny?

The "Apple Shed" tattoo is still funny.

Guthrie, really????? Not sure if the parallel works...or maybe it does... the parallel is that they are both asinine.

How about doing one featuring Helen Drag-ass.

The point about negative stereotypes is that they stigmatize a whole class of people as "other" for our amusement, derision or contempt. Ms. Sherman has repeatedly portrayed up "shiftless hillbillies" as objects of humor. Not funny.

I don't get it.