What's your take on the self-serve frozen yogurt craze?


Hoo on your staff comes up with these interesting questions? Frozen yogurt craze...
Shheesh. My take you ask? Just another place for suburbanite soccer moms to spend money on stuff nobody needs. Just my two cents thanks for enquiring.

Glad someone's tackling the important questions.

I'm completely ok with the "frozen yougurt incident" type questions. Beats stories of killings and car crashes all the time. The quiet of a small town is meant to be enjoyed a bit.

This is what, year 20 of the frozen yogurt craze? Arch's has been around forever and the stuff started showing up everywhere from college dining halls to golden corral to the various boutique shops a generation ago. I am not buying that this 'make your own bowl of candy' that has places like pinkberry and others making dollars right now is some sort of new craze. Seinfeld did a bit on this.

Check the sugar and corn syrup levels ... then make up your mind.

it's for homos