Road to sale proves rocky near Ivy



William A. Dawson to Dawn Dirks, 5840 Westhall Drive, $255,000

John & Ann Mytinger to Hunter C. & Mikael B. Chorey, 2804 Brookmere Road, $260,000

Southern Property LLC to Roger Giordano & Bernadette Lyons-Giordano, 2287 Whittington Drive, $273,840

Sarah P. Hendley Trust, Sarah P. Hendley, Trustee to John H. Birdall, III, Trustee & Mary Scott Blake Birdsall, Trustee, 9.01 Acres, TM 42-40H2, $310,000

Nancy C. King, Trustee, to Michael B. McGowan, 6.14 Acres, TM 64M2, $322,900

March Mountain Properties I LLC to Sarah C. Sykes, 264 Claremont Lane,$372,756

Nicholas & Lisa Procter to Vishal Madaan & Gitanjali Khurana, 2068 Aviano Way, $490,000

Robert J. & Elaine R. Kroner to Paul W. Henderson & Maria Tor, 2211 Croydon Road, $615,000

Jonathan A. & Shelley L. Matthews to Richard D. & Lori McWilliams, 1760 Monet Hill, $625,000

GRSW Stewart Real Estate Trust to Thomas & Laura Steenburgh, 2746 Owensfield Court, $820,000

Rodney F. Beckwith, Trustee to Dennis T. Yang & Sally W. Liu, 3156 Prestwick Place, $1,000,000


Virgie Blackwell Estate to Michael R. Shifflett, 5037 Fox Mountain Road, $70,000

William E. & Barbara L. Brant to Bret M. & Amanda S. Bitler, 755 Montei Drive, $70,000

Octopus Property LLC to Guillaume Aubert, 310 Riverbend Drive, Unit 3D, $122,200

Virginia L. & Gregory L. Marshall to John A. & Jackie G. Binder, 1265 Peach Tree Drive, $124,000

Manning Properties, Inc. to Kelly Ann Sulick, 3588 Airport Acres Road, $160,500

Andrea Palmer to Federal National Mortgage Association, 986 Sutton Court, $165,964

Christopher L. & Catherine L. Williamson to Federal National Mortgage Association, 322 Brentwood Road, $206,642

Stein Kretsinger to Brian K. & Jennifer T. Armstrong, 1968 Dudley Mountain Road, $220,000

Sterling L. Robertson, II to Federal National Mortgage Association, 4273 Burton Road, $309,202

Jayne F. McConnell, Trustee to David C. & Joanna R. MacDonald, 2987 Earlysville Road, $594,000

 Laurence P. Verga to Sam Hostler, 3515 Rocks Mill Lane, $760,000


Dennis T. & Helen E. Destrempes to Gary A. Herndon, 4578 Burnley Station Road, $130,000

NVR, Inc. to Walter Smith, Jr., 1862 Verona Drive, $226,905

Jo Anne M. Hale to Michael M. & Dawn M. Davis, 2422 Huntington Road, $230,000

NVR, Inc. to Kathryn P. Christian, 1856 Verona Drive, $240,305

Ryan W. & Amy B. Quinn to Justin J. & Danielle M. Hopkins, 106 Lancaster Court, $352,000

Piedmont Realty & Construction LLC to Jessica L. Vollmer, 6094 Rothwell Lane, $474,744

Franklin A. & Marybeth Cerrone, Trustees to David E. & Jennifer D. Jones, 770 Clacton Circle, $495,000

William Christopher Winter to Michael W. Henderson & Shannon D. Huntzberry, 3593 Garth Road, $573,000

Erik T. & Corinne A. Hord to Keith M. & Emily Kobyra, 1330 Breckenridge Court, $573,000

Mark A. & Joanne F. Cochran to Aleksander E. & Carleen Kupcis, 2050 Catlin Road, $695,000


Southern Property LLC to Andrea M. Yancey, 1714 Painted Sky Terrace, $226,000

Ardner-Dalton, Inc. to Xitao Fan & Wei Li, 3325 Turnberry Circle, $249,000

Gaffney/MM LLC to Joseph & Kathleen Amalfitano, 7031 Hampstead Drive, $254,500

Patrick J. & Linda M. Gage to John C. & Tracey V. Hill, 9211 Critzers Shop Road, $320,000

Kathryn C. Wright & Mary G. Caperton to Edith L. Hawthorne, Trustee & David E. Hawthorne, Jr., Trustee, 1458 Bremerton Lane, $470,000

Beights Properties II LLC to Craig Enterprises, Inc. 634, 636, 638 Baywick Circle, $480,000

Craig Enterprises, Inc. to Beverly Diane Harner, 644 Baywick Circle, $730,818

Griffin W. Fernandez to Spencer & Jaye Lambert, 2230 Owensville Road, $782,500

Diane J. Carr to Bonnie J. Deatley, 43 Canterbury Road, $1,100,000


Octopus Property LLC to Esin Karadenizili & Ali Erhan Ucer, 320 Riverbend Drive,  Unit 4A, $120,000


Could someone explain what this means ? " traded as a short sale " Is that a bankruptcy or foreclosure ?

It means it was sold for less than the original mortgage owed. The shortfall is then either absorbed by the bank OR the sellers make the difference up themselves with cash OR they negotiate a loan which is paid back to the bank over time.
It is less of an assault on your credit record than a foreclosure, but painful nonetheless. I would hate to be paying a monthly 'loan' payment on a house I no longer own.It all depends on how much you value your credit score.

Foreclosure is a negative on a credit record but I fail to see the logic of such a negative. The mortgagee is merely forfeiting the collateral as provided for, and agreed to, in the contract.

It is an option to be exercised. It is chosen in lieu of payment. It doesn`t necessarily mean the borrower is insolvent.

No axe to grind here - merely an opinion.

Don't be fooled by that low price in that neighborhood. The people that owned the house gutted it and raped it---the entire kitchen was gone, all appliances gone, even faucets and crown molding taken. They were in a huge financial mess and fled to OR. Heck, they even left their car in the driveway. New owner needs to dump a ton of money into that place. Probably will strip it to the studs.

What happened to former congressional candidate Laurence Verga?