Describe your perfect meal

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I can't believe this is a topic of discussion, but since you weight in sushi from Wasabi in Asheville, die for. That said, silly topic.

Those there are the most pathetic perfect meals I have ever heard.

A salad with lots of veggies and other fixings, homemade lasagna, homemade bread.

Tangy tangerine


Perfect meal: lots of good wine and food cooked by someone else

When it gets cold in the mornings, open the windows, and have grilled cheese sandwiches cut into triangles, dipped in hot tomato soup, with coke-cola on the side. (maybe hot choc.)

Mmmmm, grilled cheese and tomato soup. The bomb!

Stoya ;)

Gin martini, dry with queen olives stuffed with anchovies
Escargot and mussels in garlic butter and olive oil with vermouth and Tabasco / Serve white wine with notes of pear, very chilled
Caesar Salad, original preparation, prepared and served table-side
Cream of Cucumber and Vichyssoise, very cold, with jigger of dry sherry on the side
Rock Crab avec mayonnaise lightly seasoned with Chesapeake Bay seasoning
Intermezzo (lime sherbet)
London Broil, medium rare, avec champignons in a balsamic red wine and brown sugar reduction / serve full bodied red wine, 50 degrees
pomme souffle, dark
young asparagus with butter and dill
Crepe Suzette, flaming / crisp Riesling
Wedge of Stilton with seedless red grapes
Stinger, straight up

. . .an' then gimme 'nother martooni, dirty.

Then, we'll get down to the SERIOUS eating!

Cold beer, spiced crabs, corn on the cob and more cold beer....

Start with a bourbon, Knob Creek is good, a beer or two after that to sharpen the appetite.

Venison tenderloin, sprinkled with a good rub, seared on both sides in a cast iron pan, served rare.

With a side of garlic potatoes

A nice big greasy pepperonni pizza and beer, and my wife visiting her parents...Heaven on earth!

Was it the greasy pizza, or the beer that put you in the middle of a country road, naked, passed out when the cops found you????