The week in review

Most perplexing City Council action: The city will hire four ambassadors for the Downtown Mall to somehow counteract the drunkenness, profanity, and aggressive panhandling perpetuated by some of the homeless who hang out on the Mall, according to Graham Moomaw in the Progress. Council will spring for $80,000 for four seasonal workers to address downtown's "behavior issues."

Most determined party crasher: A man denied entry to the Chi Phi fraternity around 1am September 9 punches a UVA student in the face. The man returns with three friends, one reportedly carrying a handgun, the Cavalier Daily reports. The four men flee, and police are looking for the suspects.

Worst news for duffers: City Council okays a plan that will close McIntire Golf Course by the end of 2016, rather than 2020, which was floated earlier.

Biggest expense: Security for President Obama's August 29 campaign visit cost local governments about $21,300, according to the Progress. The cost to the rest of us, unable to drive or transact retail business while the chief was in town, is yet undetermined.

Worst mob beating: A man is seriously injured and found unconscious by police September 2 in Southwood Mobile Home Park. Fabio Fermin Castro Quintanilla, 24, is charged with aggravated malicious wounding, and police are looking into a possible gang connection, the DP reports. And a week later, Erman Farid Castro Quintanilla, 22, also is arrested, according to WINA.

Most chilling photograph: Sabrina Schaeffer's on the front page of the Progress of the shredded car driven by Samuel Taylor, 18, who was killed September 5 in a crash on Garth Road.

Longest DUI sentence: For driving under the influence of PCP last December with her child in the car, Santana Faulkner, 28, racks up 11 years, all of which are suspended except for one year and five months, Samantha Koon reports in the Progress. Faulkner was arrested on East Rio Road after a police officer saw her driving 80mph in a 40mph zone, and charged with her fourth DUI, child endangerment, and driving on a suspended license.

Latest travail of James Fitzgerald: The man who's been arrested for public intoxication 126 times is sentenced to 90 days in jail for assaulting a Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad member in March. According to the DP, Benjamin Sojka testifies that Fitzgerald grabbed his arm and squeezed so tightly, his hand turned white as he attempted to get Fitzgerald into the ER. Two weeks after the assault, Fitzgerald, who was homeless, moved into The Crossings, a residence he may lose when he goes to jail.

Least post-funeral decorum: Lisa Michelle Bullock, 35, is charged with robbery September 1 on Fifth Street Extended when she allegedly argues with an acquaintance around 10:30pm and takes the other woman's cellphone from her hand, the Progress reports.

Latest former Halsey Minor property to move toward sale: A judge approves a settlement of the historic Carter's Grove, whose owner, a Minor LLC, is in bankruptcy, according to the Williamsburg Yorktown Daily. Colonial Williamsburg, which sold the property to Minor, agreed to make repairs on the seriously deteriorated 1750 mansion, clearing the way for sale, although Sotheby's, which has its own tangled history with Minor, has a lien on the property. Charlottesville area realtor Steve McLean of McLean Faulconer will market the property.

Biggest breakup: A judge orders the Kyanite Mining Corporation in Buckingham, long held by the Dixon family along with other properties, such as the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, into receivership and ultimately liquidation, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports. The court's opinion in the decade-long, bitter family feud is described by plaintiff's counsel as a landmark ruling for minority shareholders in closely-held businesses.

Best bike deal: Ben Yoder with Enlisted Auctions in Stuarts Draft sells a 1907 Indian motorcycle with almost all original parts for $30,000. The buyer? Mike Wolfe, star of the History Channel's American Pickers. The News Leader has the story.


" The cost to the rest of us, unable to drive or transact retail business while the chief was in town, is yet undetermined."

To be fair, how much revenue earned by local businesses from thousands of additional people on the Downtown Mall attending the event.

I talked to many people who were thrilled to see the President.
So, in retrospect, this was a very positive experience for our town,
well worth the money and inconvenience.

I'm not a big fan of Obama, but when the arguably most powerful leader in the world wants to speak in your little city, I think it's somewhat of an honor. So what if things were a bit snarled for an afternoon?

Did police clock Faulkner at 80mph as well? If not, the visual estimation is speculation not evidence.

$80K for "ambassadors", eh? What about the ambassadors we already have on retainer? You know, the ones wearing uniforms. How can it be such a Gordian Knot, that the govt. of such a world class city can't deal with a handful of drunken vagrants? And why only $80K when surely there is some out-of-area consulting firm which could be hired for a few hundred thousand to do a study and issue recommendations....

I think hiring Maurice Jones was a far more perplexing action on the part of the city council than hiring the ambassadors.